Tuesday, November 05, 2013

It's Getting to be that Time...

For whatever reason, I have been waking up each morning between 3 and 4 am for the past month or so.  Sometimes I am able to keep the noise level of the thoughts pertaining to all I have to do that day to a low mumble which allows me to drift into a pseudo-sleep and other times the thoughts are just far too loud for me to push aside.  I was half-awake/half-asleep yesterday morning when the alarm clock finally went off.  Is that, Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree?  Surely not.  A little hazy from the virus I am fighting off presently, I rolled over and hit snooze.  9 minutes later, the alarm goes off again.  ...had a very shiny nose...  o.O  Now I'm up and wondering how if I have inadvertently entered into some other dimension where they play Christmas songs all year round.  The alarm goes off yet again.  Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...  Yup, it's official.  The virus is winning and I have completely lost it.  All of a sudden the thoughts that had worked themselves into something slightly less than a roar started to scream - THE HOLIDAYS ARE COMING, BUST OUT YOUR NEEDLES NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Turns out, the one station that comes in rather clearly on my alarm clock has begun an All Christmas All Day thing through December 25th. Not excited.  It's not that I don't enjoy Holiday songs, I just don't want to have to enjoy them every morning immediately following Halloween.  I can't deny the fact that there is less than 50 days until Christmas, though, and my Finished Gift Pile is pathetically paltry at the moment.  Sigh.

I did manage to get a fair amount of knitting done this past weekend though.  I made it through a new pattern I am designing for my upcoming Fantastical Creatures Club and I finished the first sock of little miss' Holiday Pair.  I also got some work done on the back of the sweater I am designing for her so it's not like I'm sitting there completely idle.  I'll try to take some photos of the knitted items soon - it's rather rainy at the moment.

On Saturday, before the wind was too crazy, I did a bit of meandering and marveled at how quickly the landscape can change.  One minute I am taking pictures of brightly colored flowers and water battles and the next, I am back to enjoying the subtle changes of color, texture, and light as everything gets ready to go to bed - on this hemisphere anyway.

Cool Autumn Days 013
Cool Autumn Days 037
Cool Autumn Days 083
Cool Autumn Days 124
Cool Autumn Days 047
Cool Autumn Days 038
Cool Autumn Days 030
Cool Autumn Days 053
Cool Autumn Days 050
Cool Autumn Days 099
Cool Autumn Days 126
Cool Autumn Days 079
Cool Autumn Days 065
Cool Autumn Days 060
Cool Autumn Days 103
Cool Autumn Days 032
Cool Autumn Days 005
Cool Autumn Days 011
Cool Autumn Days 129
Cool Autumn Days 131
Cool Autumn Days 138

Sunday was kind of a lazy day.  Everyone was rather tired, it was cold and windy, and it seemed like hunkering down in wool and drinking tea was the thing to do.  The minions and I did venture out briefly to meet a few new friends that were gracious enough to supply my FIL with some compost for his garden...  

Cool Autumn Days 159
Cool Autumn Days 194
Cool Autumn Days 174

Today has been rather gloomy, rainy, and overcast.  Time to get cozy and knit once my tea is ready!  I wonder what Christmas tune I get to wake up to tomorrow.... ;)

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