Monday, November 11, 2013

First Snow

The daily onslaught of Holiday music continues.  This morning it was "Oh the weather outside is frightful...".  I find it oddly fitting given the fact that this is the view out my back door at the moment.

let it snow 008
let it snow 012
let it snow 014

It's not much and will probably not amount to anything but it marks the first snow of the Season.  I sent the minions to school in their winter garb complete with a full set of woolens and am very glad I did.  These are also the coldest temperatures we've had in a while.  Good thing I have my knitting to work on!  Looks like another evening full of tea, knitting, and snuggles. :)

1 comment:

Mason & Karen said...

Snow! Holy moly, close the city!! Oh wait, that's just want Portland does. Glad it's snuggle weather for you.