Saturday, November 02, 2013

A Dancing Cat and A Reader

Little miss decided to create her own costume this year - a dancing cat.  We found a black unitard and a tutu to go along with her pink leopard cat ear/tail set and she was ready to go.

costumes 010

I was worried that she would freeze to death so I made her put on under armor underneath the unitard but as it turns out, this was the balmiest Beggar's Night I can remember (thanks to some crazy storms that blew in earlier in the day).

costumes 005

Guess who the November Reader of the Month is?????

nick reader of the month for blog

There is a box in our local library where kids fill out these forms describing their favorite book and hobbies and each month a different student is selected to be the Reader of the Month.  Little man has been putting his name in this box for probably over a year now and was starting to get rather discouraged that his name hadn't been chosen yet.  I told him that persistence can pay off and sure enough, we got a call a few weeks ago asking him to come to the library to have his picture taken.  Now little miss is putting her name into the magic library box every time we go so we'll see.....

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Mason & Karen said...

Nice work on the costume, little miss! Congrats to the reader :)