Sunday, December 08, 2013

Waiting for Old Man Winter

It would appear that almost a month has gone by since my last post.  We've been busy, what can I say? 

I've been working M-F at the school and picking up extra at the hospital on the weekends/Holiday breaks, the minions have been working hard at school, and the hubby has been looking for a new job.  In my spare time, I've been working on various Holiday projects, we celebrated little man and the hubby's birthdays (little man is 9 already, can you believe it???), the Christmas tree is up, the Countdown-to-Christmas chain is assembled and operational, Hot Chocolate and Chai mixes are made and put in jars (though I have to make another batch of Hot Chocolate - little man is really enjoying that one...), the Holiday music is pumping through every stereo in the house now, books have been read, minions have been snuggled, fires have been lit, and each night I flop into bed exhausted.  It's been good though; it's a good busy, a crazy busy, and I keep trying to remember to be present and grateful throughout the craziness.  A few weekends ago now, I took a break from work and we headed to the lake, possibly for the last time in 2013.  I enjoyed a few minutes of quiet, looking around, seeing what Autumn had to show me.  Nature never ceases to amaze me...  When I first went outside and did a quick glance, all I saw was a cold, brown, dull, dry scene.  It's easy to glance over things sometimes and miss the opportunity to dig a little deeper, pay a little more attention.  Fortunately for me, I didn't leave it at that first glance.

Up until today, Autumn has been teasing us, teasing us with the tiniest bits of ice and snow - just enough to leave a footprint and glisten in the sun for a few minutes before it melts away.  One could argue that it's seductive in a way, the dance of Mother Nature - the light against the ice, the color of a leaf against the grass, the texture of the dry grass when juxtaposed with the ice below...

almost winter 2013 033
almost winter 2013 087
almost winter 2013 061
almost winter 2013 060
almost winter 2013 126
almost winter 2013 124
almost winter 2013 148
almost winter 2013 136_crop
almost winter 2013 135
almost winter 2013 110
almost winter 2013 081
almost winter 2013 083
almost winter 2013 074
During a walk, the hubby rolled his eyes when he saw me taking pictures of the trees above.  I told him to shove off and went about my business; I liked how they looked like they were reaching for each other.

almost winter 2013 140
almost winter 2013 142

Then, out of curiosity, I switched a few of them into black and white and now it looks more like veins and capillaries...  It might just be a nurse thing though ;)

almost winter 2013 150
almost winter 2013 151

I did make the minions model a few finished items though.  I made little man a new hat for his Birthday.  Well, 2 actually.  My gauge was off on the first one and it was too big so I made a second for him and I'll wear the other until he grows into it.  He is the leader in our school's Lap Project by a sizable margin and I am very proud of him.  I'm still running now and again; shin splints are fun!

almost winter 2013 037

Remember those stockings from last year?  They are ready for Christmas this year, though I still need to line them.  One of these days...

almost winter 2013 046
almost winter 2013 120

If you'll recall, last year the minions sat down with me and designed their stockings - the designs, the colors, the whole deal.  I blurred out the parts with their names/initial...

 I also whipped up a new earwarmer design.  I had a request for the Holidays and was unable to find anything close enough on Ravelry by way of a pattern, so I created one.  I'll list it for free on Ravelry once I finish the pdf.  If it's not to your liking - you know who you are - let me know before I mail it :)

almost winter 2013 072

I mustn't forget the Christmas Spiders!  I'm still working on this year's ornament.  Here are 3 that will be going to some women I work with at the school.

almost winter 2013 160_crop
almost winter 2013 163

I have pics of another FO but I will post that after the Holidays - it is a new pattern for my Fantastical Creatures Part 1 Club debuting in January :)

In the next day or two, I hope to find time to post pictures of this year's seemingly-annual capture of Snow Minions in action!

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Mason & Karen said...

Beautiful pics. Lovely spiders and delightful ear warmer :D