Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Bugs Abound

The minions are settling in to their school routine and are enjoying their classes.  It is so fun to hear them discuss their day as we walk home from school - what they learned, what they did, what the favorite part of their day was...  Little man is actually excited that he has homework; let's hope that feeling sticks with him :)

Throughout the Summer, the hubby and a few other ball parents have been getting together so their kids could keep practicing baseball.  A few weekends ago he invited them down to the in-laws' lake house for a wee getaway.  It was ridiculously hot and humid and everyone was just running around and splashing anything and everything near the kiddie pool so the camera didn't come out much.  Actually, it only came out for bugs.  "Mom!  Get the camera and take a picture of what I found!".

late summer 009
late summer 004_crop
late summer 076_crop
late summer 059
late summer 068
late summer 041

"It flaps its wings if you do this..."

late summer 055

Despite the continued heat and humidity, I can tell Autumn is almost here.  The leaves are starting to turn just a bit, everything else is dying and becoming dormant, and I have an insane urge to drop everything and knit sweaters for everyone.  I WILL be making sweaters for the Holidays this year, I will not try to appease the sweater gods by making small ones for the minions' people...  I have a few WiP's that are nearing completion (and thank goodness because they are way overdue!), I have patterns to design/knit, and all the Holiday stuff...  My hands are going to be busy!  I dyed up the prototypes for my upcoming Fantastical Creatures Club - Part 1 and I really wish I could show them to you because I am very happy with how they turned out!

As usual, there is lots to do so I better get started!

late summer 013

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