Thursday, September 05, 2013

More Changes

I am not a creature of change, I am a creature of habit.  Unfortunately, for types like me, change happens so I combat it with everything I have and try to control it which, of course, is futile.  Of course that doesn't stop me from trying by making a plan of sorts for each and every possible variable and let's not forget the myriad of lists and the lists about what I need to make lists about...  It gets crazy, then I get crazy, and pretty soon everyone around me gets crazy....

There I was, minding my own business, it was the beginning of August, I had no concrete dye plans, and I knew a change would be upon me in a few weeks when the minions went back to school.  No problem, we'll just make a new schedule and plan out the next few months.  I had a routine mapped out where I would drop the kids off, come home and soak yarn, go for a run, dye some yarn, clean everything up, pick up the kids, work on dinner/pick up the house, knit.  Nice, neat, domestic, manageable.  Perfect.

Then I got a phone call while the minions and I were at the State Fair.  (Which reminds me, I will add some Fair photos to this post later.) It was the school principal (the one who gave us Charlotte/Aragog).    "Do you like your current nursing job?"  Why?  Do you have a full-time school nurse position open?  "No, but I have a part-time opening.  Do you want it?"  Maybe....  All of a sudden my nice neat little organized plan came crashing down (potentially) and my brain was overcome with variables - time, $, schedule, benefits, hospital job, my business, running, housework, what if, what if, what if...  You get the idea. 

I figured it wouldn't hurt to interview and find out what I could as to whether or not it would be feasible to take such a paycut...  I spent many a day talking myself into staying where I was then into taking the school nurse job if it was offered and then back again.  I interviewed on my birthday and was offered the job today and after talking it over with the hubby we decided that it would be an alright move for our "team".  I am going from working 6 or so days a month to having 6 or so days a month off so I'm not sure how everything will play out as far as my running and dyeing and all that goes but we'll make it work.  I can make anything work!  I will still be working at the hospital as a prn staff to supplement during the months/Summer.  Busy busy!

Here are some pictures that the minions and I took while we were meandering around the State Fair this past August.

new friend 061
new friend 067
new friend 069
new friend 098
new friend 074
new friend 085
new friend 077
new friend 094
new friend 141_crop
new friend 134
new friend 126
new friend 123_crop

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