Saturday, March 02, 2013

The Need for Green

I feel for Winter, I really do.  It can't be a very welcoming feeling to know that everyone is wishing that you would just pass through quickly with no fuss....  Granted, I am among those that are really wishing for some Green but I know that Spring can't be rushed so when Winter decided to hit us with more and more of the white stuff, I just made my own Green :)

This is the pattern that went out with the second Snow White Club shipment.  The colorway is The Huntsman.

huntsman 024_crop
huntsman 009
huntsman 007

As always, I tend to overthink my patterns and colorways so why should this sock be any different?  There are twisted stitches, cables, and texture thrown in to keep things interesting and to cut down on all the cabeling.  Originally this was going to be a bag, but I decided to switch it to a sock at the last minute.

Here are the two skeins that went out in the shipment - The Huntsman is on the left, and Men of the Forest is on the right.  Mind the sloppiness - these hadn't been reskeined when I took the photo.

snow white shipment 2 004

And because I still haven't acquired enough Green for my liking, I whipped this up one evening and now I just have to decide where to hang it.  Very addictive these shamrocks...

shamrockin 004

At least all the snow provided a nice background ;)

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