Sunday, March 03, 2013

Snow and Ice

You have to make the most of your time and enjoy it while it lasts....

snow and ice 049
snow and ice 054
snow and ice 051

snow and ice 142
snow and ice 138

Snow furniture -  Here we have the armchair/ottoman.  I'm sure it will catch on.

snow and ice 062

The temperature has warmed up just enough to start the melting process.  I was wandering around our yard to see what I could see.  Here's what I found.

snow and ice 031
snow and ice 029
snow and ice 039
snow and ice 037
snow and ice 045
snow and ice 064_crop
snow and ice 082
snow and ice 070
snow and ice 099
snow and ice 120_crop
snow and ice 155

Ice is just so pretty - the way it moves, the way it plays with the light, the various shapes it takes...

We are supposed to get some more weather of sorts this week; the minions say "Bring it on".  They are both looking forward to Spring but couldn't resist stomping around in the snow this afternoon.

I have finished up the third Snow White pattern and have started the first Camelot pattern but instead of working on either of those this weekend (or any of my other WiP's for that matter) I did the responsible thing and wound up 1300 yds of worsted weight yarn and have begun crocheting my 143 circles that will be turned into squares later and joined to form a lap blanket.  o.O  It is very colorful, perhaps that is what compelled me to start yet another project.  Or it could have been the speed at which the little circles could be competed.  Or it could have been the fact that I was gift this set of worsted skeins by my friend, J, maybe 2 years ago now (or perhaps 3, I lost count) and have been searching for the "right" pattern ever since.  I have had a huge crochet itch lately that needed to be scratched and I'm sure that played it's part in my crafting choices of late.  Whatever the reason, I'll have a bunch of little circles to photograph soon!


nance needs a yarn cave said...

Love the ice, snow and cute little minion photos. My hubby was born and raised in Iowa..he says he doesn't miss the snow one bit! Thanks for sharing!

Linda said...

Erica, you take the most amazing photos! They are so beautiful; would be perfect for framing or in a book.
Glad the little ones are enjoying the end(?)of winter. So cute!