Monday, March 18, 2013

The Last Days of Winter

Let's face it, it's just plain wet outside.  Little brief bits of snow and rain have plagued us fairly consistently these past few weeks resulting in a giant sloppy mess of mud and funk. 

A few weekends ago, I took the minions down to the in-laws' lake house for a little change of scenery - Cabin Fever has hit us all I am afraid.  The minions had huge hopes for sledding and walks around the area to look for signs of Spring but the only signs of Spring we saw were warmer temperatures melting everything in sight so by the time we got down there, the snow was minimal but the puddles were plentiful :)

at the lake march 2013 004
at the lake march 2013 035_crop
at the lake march 2013 099
at the lake march 2013 030

Despite the rain, the minions and I did go out and walk around a bit just to see what we could see.  

at the lake march 2013 039
at the lake march 2013 046
at the lake march 2013 017
at the lake march 2013 027
at the lake march 2013 083
at the lake march 2013 094
at the lake march 2013 095
at the lake march 2013 092
at the lake march 2013 097
at the lake march 2013 110

Naturally, the minions headed down to the dock to check on the status of the ice/lake.  

 at the lake march 2013 070
at the lake march 2013 111

I don't think the ice will be there much longer.

at the lake march 2013 073
at the lake march 2013 067
at the lake march 2013 057
at the lake march 2013 053_crop

I was pleasantly surprised to see some flowers during the weekend though - they were on one of my MIL's plants that I don't recall ever seeing flower before but it could be that I was just never there when it did flower.  Either way...

at the lake march 2013 116

And...  Since the temperatures are still nice and chilly, it gave little man an opportunity to wear his new Gryffindor Spaghetti Scarf :)  

at the lake march 2013 009

I have had this yarn in my stash for many years now - it is a Gryffindor Colorway on sportweight that I had bought and kept for myself with the intent of knitting myself a kickass pair of knee-high socks.  That all changed when little man spotted it and declared that it looked like pasta and sauce and decided that I needed to make him a spaghetti scarf with it.  The skein is so variegated that I had actually attempted to knit him a scarf with it a few times over the years but the stitch patterns were always lost.  In the end, I just held the yarn double and knit a garter stitch scarf on a US 10.5 and voila!  A FO that he loves :)  

The minions are on Spring Break this week and both of them are rather poorly at the moment - nothing too dreadful, just an annoying virus of some sort - so we'll have to come up with a few new ideas to keep them occupied while they are recuperating instead of going out and about on the town.  We got a wee bit of snow overnight which will probably be the last official snow of Winter.  Nice and light and pretty.  It's already melting...  I am in the process of dyeing up the last Snow White shipment so that will be shown soon and I have made decent progress on a few of my WiP's so perhaps I'll have more photos of the fiber-y variety before too long!

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