Friday, December 21, 2012


It's a pleasant feeling to know that we will once again begin to lengthen each day bit by bit.  The minions had another snow day today so I didn't dye, but instead, I finished up a few more FO's that I can share.  In honor of Yule, the minions get the majority of their handknit items plus one extra.  This year the plan was to have their Stockings finished along with another pair of socks and at one point I dreamed of having finished sweaters for them as well but instead, I opted to knit mini sweaters for their "people".  I didn't quite make the deadline for the Stockings, but I did get the rest of it finished up and I have my fingers crossed (only figuratively as my hands/forearms are rather sore at the moment) that the Stockings will be done for Christmas.

Solstice FO's 007

Little miss put her socks on right away after receiving them - love it!

Little miss' "pink baby" (though she is dressed rather festively at the moment) will receive a knit dress and some form of jumpsuit after the new year - little miss requested more handknits for her baby. 

 Solstice FO's 010

Little man wanted a cardigan for his pig but couldn't find his pig this morning for photos.  He was, however, pleasantly surprised that it also fits his gator and wants me to make him a sheep and a sweater for his new sheep.  I've added those to the queue...

Solstice FO's 011

On my side of the family, we draw names for the older cousins and one of the ones we drew this year requested a hand knit cable hat :D  After showing her some of the endless options (I think I overwhelmed her a bit) she said that she liked this one.

Solstice FO's 003

Incidentally it is modeled after the one Hermione wears in HP and the Half Blood Prince movie.  I don't think she realized the HP connection when she chose it but the pattern has been in my queue for quite some time now so I jumped at the opportunity to finally knit it up.  I had a skein of Superwash Merino 3ply in the Stone colorway lying there so I held the yarn double and went up to a US 6 to balance out the change in yarn thickness.  It fits me very comfortably so it should fit her.  Little miss is rather smitten with it as well and wants one "just like it".  I don't have enough of that yarn left over for a second hat though, so it looks like I'll be adding another to my To Dye List...

I'm running out of days to knit and am stuck working the weekend so I better light my candles and get back to it!  Happy Solstice :D

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Rani A said...

Darn, woman! You've been busy! I love the Hermoine hat. So cool. My nieces would be fighting over it. We're making butterbeer to bring to the Christmas festivities since I have a gaggle of children there that love all things Potter (and some grown-ups, too)

Happy holidays, merry Christmas!