Thursday, December 20, 2012

Snow Day

It turns out Draco had a bit of a bite to him and it was oddly fitting that the last day of Autumn should be the first Snow Day of the year.

snow day 2012 028
snow day 2012 029

I think we ended up getting somewhere around 10 inches of snow overnight with another 2 or 3 inches possible today.  The wind is what's really brutal though and the combination of heavy snow and wind has caused us to lose power a handful of times and it is still flickering quite a bit.  The hubby and I got up early to asses the snow situation and to start taking care of the drive and I was a bit worried about the hubby driving across town this morning (the whole state as under the "travel not advised" category) but before long we got word that they closed his office as well so we all had a bit of "fun" in the snow.  I say "fun" loosely because so far it's been mainly snow removal and fighting the wind.  I don't think the minions lasted more than 10-15 minutes out in it this morning.  Granted, they would have stayed out longer but I could see their little faces getting pinker and pinker so I hauled them in for some hot chocolate and chai.

 snow day 2012 018
snow day 2012 045 
snow day 2012 065

They gave it their best effort though - little miss attempted a snow angel and little man was searching for "the biggest snowball ever".  They're going to have a ball outside once the wind dies down!

snow day 2012 036
snow day 2012 068
snow day 2012 020 
snow day 2012 070
snow day 2012 075
snow day 2012 058
snow day 2012 046
snow day 2012 064
snow day 2012 084
snow day 2012 083

I'm off to my projects...

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