Monday, December 24, 2012

Holiday Monsters and a Few More FO's

A mischievous pair of monsters have moved into the Dreams in Fiber Household and have been wreaking a bit of havoc here and there.  Medwin, the bigger of the two, is a roguish sort of fellow that has taken to lurking behind larger snow piles and flinging snowballs at unsuspecting pedestrians.  Medwin has a secret though and doesn't like people to know that he has the largest heart around.  He is rather laid back most of the time and looks after Hazel.

 Holiday Monsters 002
Holiday Monsters 005

Hazel is a sweet little thing, though she too has a devilish streak that she will show people now and again.  The Holidays are her favorite time of year and she can be found most days waiting for the mailman; she does love to receive Holiday Greetings from friends and family.  Hide and Seek is a game she often plays and it's always a good idea to try to find her lounging in people's footsteps in the snow.  Hazel tells me her Aunt will be coming to stay with us after the new year.

Holiday Monsters 008
Holiday Monsters 009

 Each minion chose to have a monster made for the other.  I was rather amused by this since I spoke to each minion separately about gift ideas for the other and each knew exactly what they wanted to have made, colors and all.  I just couldn't finish the bigger monster for little miss but Hazel was the important one (according to little man) so we'll be meeting Hazel's Aunt before long.

These are a few more hats I made for my niece M and my nephew T.  I was guessing on the size for my nephew T and the first came out a bit small.  I knit up another one, slightly larger, and I have a feeling that that one will be just too big.  Maybe he can wear the smaller one for now and save the larger for next year?

christmas hats 006

I am hoping that my friends will receive their Holiday Packages today so I am fairly confident that I can show the 2 colorwork bags I made for them.  

snow day 2012 008

The patterns for each came from the book Handknit Holidays.  I do love stranded knitting :)

Lots to do today, better get to it.  Hope you all have a wonderful Holiday Season spent with Family and Friends :)

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Rani A said...

Those monsters (and the pictures) are hilarious! Love the mailbox pic. tee hee hee