Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It's Starting....

snow! 003

... to snow! 

Winter Storm Draco (Love the HP reference!!!) has arrived, or at least rang the doorbell.  I'm not sure how much snow we'll end up getting as each station says something different, but we'll get some snow at least :D  I'll be shoveling tomorrow amid my dyeing and wrapping and knitting. 

A little recap:  Little man is feeling better, little miss is starting in with the lovely cough.  Saturday was a lovely baking day and the sugar cookies proved to be too much for my oven and I burnt out my heating element (fortunately the day after Baking Day).  Found a new heating element today, installed it, and the oven is heating up  nicely once again.  Total cookie tally:  133 sugar cookies, 3 dozen ginger cookies (my new favorite), 3.5 dozen chocolate cookies, and 2.5 dozen snickerdoodles.  2 more FO's to wash/block tonight, 2 WiP's nearing completion, 2 new CO's.  We're getting there!

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bea said...

Sorry to hear the kids are sick! I've been completely out of blogland for a while and have missed reading your updates. I might actually see some of this storm because I'm living in Montana now. They seem to be predicting snow for Monday thought so maybe not related. Hope the kids get something to play in!