Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It's in the Details

Iowa got a wee bit of snow last weekend, well some of Iowa.  Further South at the in-law's lake house we just got a little bit of rain.  During a break between the rain and the raging wind that was soon to follow, I went outside to take a few pics of the ornaments for the minions' teachers this year.  The minions chose what they wanted to give to their respective teachers and they chose the yarn and knit actual stitches; the ornaments were added to the gift bags containing some homemade hot chocolate mix and peppermint candy canes.

cold days 011
cold days 003
cold days 117

I realize there is snow in the third ornament photo but that was because I made that one after I got home as a late addition - little man found out that his teacher's favorite animal was the zebra and had made a card mentioning how he helped make the zebra ornament.  Well, earlier in the weekend, I was trying to pack everything and couldn't find the little scrap ball of black and white yarn so he decided upon the colorful scraps instead for the sweater ornament.  After re-reading his card on Sunday night (and me finding the black and white scrap ball after the fact) his teacher got two ornaments.

Turns out that a little alone time outdoors was just what I needed to refocus and find my inner calm again.  Everyone talks about the beauty of the other Seasons - Spring's flowers,  Autumn's changing colors, Summer's vibrancy.  Most often when Winter is spoken of there is a bit of excitement with the first snow but after that it's dull and white and brown and that's about it.  Well, what about the between time when the snow hasn't fallen yet?  You have to look around closely sometimes, but there is a beauty to be found just the same, perhaps in a simpler and more textural form.

cold days 015
cold days 030
cold days 031
cold days 040
cold days 045
cold days 047
cold days 054
cold days 052
cold days 058
cold days 066
cold days 073
cold days 085
cold days 092
cold days 111

 The days keep passing me by and I have been doing my best to get things accomplished.  Though I am pressed for time, I still want to knit things to the best of my ability so some things will be late.  I would rather it be well-done and late than hurried and sloppy.  That doesn't mean I'm taking my sweet time though.  The minions' stockings (both sets) are almost completed; I have just a wee bit of duplicate stitching left (shudder), and I am to the gusset on both second socks for the minions other wearable stockings.  Most of the other gifts have at least been CO and are at varying states of doneness.  I've been trying to knit while combating the barrage of germs coming my way via the minions (little man is a bit poorly at the moment and going by little miss' face today she's not too far behind), and at work - once again it seems that the flu shot everyone has to have is doing absolutely nothing to combat the influenza strain that is running rampant at the moment - I have yet to meet someone combating the influenza virus that didn't get the flu shot.  Lovely.  Needless to say I have been drinking my teas and taking the herbs from my acupuncturist to help boost my immune system.  I have big plans for the weekend - Great Grandma's Sugar Cookies are by far the best sugar cookies out there and take a full day (or more) to complete; they make around 8-10 dozen cookies on average depending on size.  Of course we can't make those if we're sick and this is my last weekend before Christmas that I have off of work so...  Soups and teas and rest and my HP audiobooks - they're a comforting calm in the chaos.


Karen said...

i love all the close up photos you captured. winter is my absolute favorite season, and oftentimes when i'm happiest throughout the year. hope you and your minions feel better soon!

Linda said...

The ornaments are soooo cute...I have to keep that in mind for next year's gifts. Erica, you take the most beautiful, amazing nature photos! Great them!