Thursday, January 31, 2013

January's Done?

I thought I should post at least once in the month of January...  Ahem.  January was a bit of a bust as far as anything blogworthy goes but I knew it would be.  As soon as the Holidays were over it was time to bust out the dyes.  I dyed up just under 90 skeins for the Sticks & Strings Event that was held last weekend, I dyed up the first month's Snow White Club shipment and got the pattern ready, and then I dyed up my vendor inventory for last weekend.  I was rather surprised that I sold as much as I did!  I wasn't expecting to sell about half of what I brought so that certainly made my day.  Not to mention that we had a weekend's worth of knitting and chatting and decompressing.

No pictures to show for that except for the ones I took of the first Snow White pattern - the Queen's Cowl.  This month's shipment included "Evil Queen" and "Mirror Mirror".  This cowl is available in 2 sizes (one tighter, one looser).  The top photo is more accurate in regards to color but you can see the pattern better in the second.

thankful 2012 035
thankful 2012 020

The minions have been well, aside from a stray sniffle or two, and the hubby has been busy busy with his new gig as an Independent Pitching Instructor which he does on top of his 9-5 job.  Little miss has opted to try ballet this Spring so that has been interesting - wow, is that a whole new universe for me; I enter the studio and I feel like I am in an alternate dimension of some sort.  She seems to be enjoying herself though so we'll see how it pans out.  I think the true highlight for her thus far has been purchasing the tutu ;)

February holds more patterns and dyeing and the Annual Fart Food Party.  Yup.  Hopefully I will have some pics of the minions and some knitting WiP's/FO's.  We had a snow day yesterday but the wind chill was so awful I didn't even bring the camera outside for our 5 minutes of playing-in-the-snow-time.

Stay warm!

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Mason & Karen said...

Are you allowed to take photos of dance class? I'd love to see Little Miss in a Tutu working her magic! Sorry we'll miss the FFP again this year...I promise we'll make it one of these years (I'm pretty sure I said that last year).