Friday, November 02, 2012

Book Review - Tiny Treads

I was recently asked if I would do a book review of one of Cooperative Press' latest offerings entitled Tiny Treads by Joeli Caparco.  This book is full of patterns for wee feet!  All photos are copyrighted and borrowed from their website.

I must say I had a lot of fun looking through this book.  Not only does the Author share my love of knitting socks for her own minions, I love reading through patterns and taking notice of different techniques and preferences, especially if they are different from my own.

The table of contents contains thumbnail photos of the patterns for easy reference and there is also a chart contained in the Introduction depicting US/UK and European sizes along with their average foot lengths.

After that, the author jumps into her 12 patterns (11 sock patterns and 1 legwarmer pattern), starting with 2 basic sock patterns - one is cuff down and the other is toe up - and I LOVE that she included instructions for multiple sizes AND multiple gauges for both basic sock patterns.  I don't know how many times that I have gone to knit a quick pair of socks for the minions and had to figure out how many sts to CO depending on the yarn I was using...

I'm sure you are curious, so here is a wee sampling of some of the patterns.

Little man was especially interested in the gold and black pair while little miss initially gravitated towards the lacy pair.  Both minions found several patterns that they want added to their sock drawers.

I should mention that all of the patterns are pretty gender-neutral.  I was happy to see that there weren't a bunch of "girl" patterns and a bunch of "boy" patterns; she has made it so any of the patterns could be made for either :)

If I had a critique, it would be that I am a photo hog and would like a few more pictures.  I like how the socks were photographed in their natural environment, but there was a few instances where I would have liked to see what the heel flap/turn looked like in the actual sock or to see a closer shot of the detail.  That is just my own preference though.  Overall I thought the patterns were easy to follow, both the written instructions and the charts, so go check it out and get knitting!

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Joeli said...

Hi Erica! Thanks for the review and I'm glad you liked the book. I had a lot of fun making it.

You are completely correct about the lack of detail shots though. I was so focused on getting shots that sold the sock and the kids having fun, that capturing tiny details got lost. I have all the samples with me though and I'll see if I can get some detail shots up on the Rav pages.

Enjoy the book!