Monday, November 12, 2012

42 Days and Counting

As of right now,  there are only 42 days until Christmas.  Gulp.  I have been working constantly on this and that these past few weeks and feel like I have absolutely nothing to show for it.  Sigh.  I took a few quick pics of some of my WiP's this morning really just to prove to myself that progress has been made.

Both Minion Holiday Stockings are knit - now the embroidery/duplicate stitching needs to happen.  I did go ahead and do a bit of stranded knitting on little miss' so that will save me a little bit of time there.

wip's 008

I am also over halfway done with their other pair of "stockings".  Each has a completed sock and the mates are on the needles.

wip's 011
wip's 013

I also had the "you're being ridiculous" conversation with myself and started back in on the Hubby's Sweater.  I'm just under halfway done with the back.  I have a long way to go on this.  Fortunately it is a fast knit for the most part - the back and forth ribbed colorwork takes a while but it's doable.  Maybe we will have a finished sweater for the Holidays.

wip's 003

I have a slew of other projects going right now that I can't show yet, but I do have a FO I can show you now :)  Last week was spent trying to get the last of the Wonka shipment prepped, dyed, and finished so I could send it out last Friday. 

wonka skeins

That is a self-striping Oompa skein on the left (what a pita - these took forever!!!), and Golden Ticket on the right.

Earlier in the year I wanted to get the protoypes dyed so I could make sure I liked the colors.  Golden Ticket worked out just fine and I decided to dye the Oompa skeins a little differently because I had envisioned a FO that I wanted to make with them.  Instead of dyeing all 4 striping colors on 1 skein, I dyed 2 self-striping DK skeins.  The catch was that I had it in my head that I was to pair the white with the green and the brown with the orange instead of the orange with the green and the white with the brown.  I realized my screw-up after the fact.  I'm not really concerned with it though because I got a fun scarf out the the deal that I dubbed my "Drunk in Loompaland" Scarf.  And all 4 colors are found in the finished Club skeins so... 

Equinox 221
Equinox 213

I wanted zero leftovers so I just knit one skein in its entirety and then switched to the other.  It made for a nice lengthy scarf that hangs almost to the ground when it's worn by me. 

No minion pics today, I've been working at the hospital lately and the weather has been crazy cold/rainy so the minions have been working on things indoors.  Little man is a reading machine these days and averages a book a day and then some.  He's also starting to work his way through the Harry Potter series and asked for a Harry Potter stocking cap for Christmas.  I'll just add that to my overflowing list ;)  As much as I would love to have a Molly Weasley sweater moment come Christmas time, I made myself promise not to CO a sweater for the minions until I finish up some of the other projects.  And, if I can't squeeze one out for each of them it isn't really fair to make a sweater for one and not the other.  Maybe I can just wrap up 2 in-progress HP Sweaters.  We'll see as the days tick by and the Holidays get a little closer.  Right now, I have to clean up the house, get laundry caught up and get knitting!

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