Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Last weekend the Dreams in Fiber household got to work on the pumpkins that we bought during the Farm Crawl.  Each minion drew their "vision" for their respective pumpkins and we all had a lot of fun cleaning out the pumpkins and seeing them come to life.  Neither minion was overly fond of the "guts" - too slimy - so I got the job of obtaining the seeds for roasting. Can you guess who designed each pumpkin?

Halloween 2012 042_crop
Halloween 2012 050_crop

Then last night finally arrived.  Little miss knew she wanted to be Dorthy this year since before we got her costume for last year.  Little man was going to dress up as Vader until he started listening to a Legend of Sleepy Hollow audiobook.  Headless Horseman, coming up!  His costume was a bit more difficult and we had some ideas to make it look cool and kind of gory but he still had to walk outside in the dark in it so...  Function over looks this year.

Halloween 2012 015

His costume did look really cool when the sun went down though because we painted the inside of the pumpkin and he had a little flashlight in his hand that lit it up.  One little trick-or-treater even yelled to his Mom, "Mom, did you see that guy?  He didn't have a head, only a pumpkin!".  Little man was pleased. 

There was still some trick-or-treat time left by the time we got home so the minions helped man the door.  I think they had more fun doing that than they did going house to house!

Little miss wanted me to point out that she has pulled out another one of her teeth.  

Halloween 2012 016_crop

In other news, my Wonka shipment is almost set to ship out - sometime next week - and tomorrow begins the November Mystery Sock (aka Mock Sock) for the Sock Knitters Anonymous Group on Ravelry and I am the Mystery Designer for November!  This should be a good time :)

November Mystery Sock photo

I will be putting the pattern up on Ravelry (sans photos) later today so I can upload the first Clue before I head to work tomorrow.  The Clues will be posted on November 1st, 8th, 15th, and 22nd.  The final Clue falls on Thanksgiving for any US participants so I'll post that Clue before I head to work that day.  Gotta love the hospital hours/holiday schedules :(

Here is a slightly blurry shot of all our pumpkins this year.

 pumpkins 2012 033

Left to right:  little miss', mine, little man's, the hubby's.

Have a Happy Halloween!

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