Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Life Lessons - Letting Go and Gravity

I have already found out that letting go is one of the hardest parts of parenting. It is fun to watch them fill with confidence and excitement but it's bittersweet for me. I am insanely proud of my minions and I can't wait to see what they show me next but I also know that I will miss these days.

Both minions are off and running on their bikes. Little man has taken to riding as fast as he can down hills which has ended in some crashes; evidently he has some inner thrill-seeker that needs to be sated now and again when it comes to bike riding.

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Little miss is doing a great job as well. She tends to get spooked easily and is the more cautious of the two when it comes to bikes (which is odd to be quite honest) but there it is.

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The Dreams in Fiber Household has been enduring one crazy ball/work schedule and the minions are starting to show some exhaustion so we'll tweak things where we can. The hubby's teams are doing well during the start of their respective Seasons and both kids are now playing games along with their practices.

Little man had his first game the other night and man was it chilly! I came fully equipped with my woolens though and was quite warm but ended up handing a few of them out to others to help them stay warm.

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He makes the best faces sometimes....

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Gravity - there's just no way of escaping it as little miss found out earlier this week. I got the dreaded call from school shortly after lunchtime "Your daughter has had an accident at recess and needs to get a few spots on her head looked at." o.O Turns out she fell about 6 feet onto the peat gravel below (so "spots" was more than accurate) and in doing so, obtained a few areas that needed to be sutured up.

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Thanks to our lovely healthcare system, I couldn't go to the urgent care clinic less than 2 minutes away because my insurance wont cover them anymore and you have to sell your soul to pay for an ER visit so we got into the car and drove more than 20 minutes to a different urgent care clinic where we found out that she also incurred a concussion and the doc botched a glue job. How in the hell do you botch a simple glue job????? Anyway... She's fine and with any luck will heal up with little to no permanent scarring other than a healthy dose of respect where gravity is concerned.

In other news, we're growing a Buckeye Tree! With any luck, one of them will make it ;) The hubby wanted proof that they are in fact starting to come up in case things don't end well for them.

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Mason & Karen said...

Letting go is so hard! So is gravity. Geez. Glad to hear she's OK now, but I'll bet getting that call was scary. Is that tree from the Oregon buckeyes?!

Rani said...

Ugh, the dreaded er visit. So aggravating. I'm glad she'll be ok.

Wall-to-wall books said...

OUCH!!!! Poor thing!
Glad she is ok!