Monday, April 30, 2012

Isn't it Funny How Things Work Out Sometimes?

Despite the cool and often wet weather, both minions have been working hard and doing a great job in their respective sports. 

Little man improves with each practice and game and states that he "is having a wonderful time."

late april 2012 011
late april 2012 057
late april 2012 016

Little miss spends her time cheering on her brother and kicking her soccer ball around with anyone in the vicinity.  

late april 2012 054

Little miss played her game in the rain yesterday and their team was a man short so she got extra playing time which worked in her favor because she got to score another goal and assisted in a handful of others.  

soccer 4-29-12 039
soccer 4-29-12 033

Right after her goal.

soccer 4-29-12 046_crop
soccer 4-29-12 140

Did you notice the handknits on the field??????  Little man is very supportive during her games and brought his own camera along to take pictures and videos.

soccer 4-29-12 105

Why yes, that is my cowl that little man is sporting around his neck.  He ended up with my handspun hat before the game was over, too.  I think I am going to have to knit up a travel set for both minions - a hat, mittens, fingerless mitts, a cowl, and a hat.  I carry woolens around wherever I go until the temp hits around 80 degrees consistently and I'm always passing them out to people.  In the future, if you see a woman standing on the corner somewhere covered in handknit shawls and handing out woolens to strangers, that is probably me; feel free to come on by and say "Hi!".  

As you can see, little miss is healing up nicely.  Thank you to everyone who posted a note/email to see how she was doing.  The scarring should be minimal so we lucked out.  It certainly hasn't slowed her down any!

The minions and I had a rather fortuitous Saturday this past weekend.  Before I begin my story though, I should probably mention that I have been writing up another pattern for the Lord of the Rings Club and this last pattern of mine is inspired by Rohan and I have been lamenting the fact that it would be perfect if I could take pictures of said project with actual horses but since there aren't any in my neighborhood, I would have to come up with something else for a backdrop which was rather vexing.  

Ahem.  Saturday.  I was working on a project (will be posted about shortly) all morning and the minions were playing games (and probably watching a fart video or two on YouTube for good measure) on the computer so I missed the email that told me that little man's ball practice was canceled that morning.  There I was knitting away and I looked at the clock and saw that it was almost time to leave (we don't want to be late now do we?) so I hurried the minions out the door and drove to where his practice was to be held and in doing so, drove by our local wee grocery store and saw that they were having a KidsFest in part of the parking lot.  They had inflatables and games and the fire department/ambulance was there and a race car (not sure why) and horses....  

So, we got to where the practice was to be held, knit a few rows on my Hermione Socks and quickly realized that I was the only one that was going to show up and we drove home to check email (yup, practice was indeed canceled) and grab grocery bags.  Little miss has been wanting to ride a horse for so long now and I used to ride when I was younger (and even worked at a stable once upon a time) so I could relate, I just don't have a horse so it makes it a bit difficult to go riding whenever I want to.  Here was my chance to let her ride and in the back of my mind, "do I dare....?".  We went to the grocery store and the kids did the inflatables and played the games and they each rode one of the horses and I couldn't stand it.  Here were horses that I could potentially use for my photos but do I become that Crazy Knitting Lady with a camera?  

Yes, yes I do.  I loaded up the kids into the van, drove back home, got the camera and said project, went back to the Kidsfest, casually (well, I tried to look casual) walked up to one of the people with the horses and asked if I could take a few photos with my project...  o.O  "Uh, sure....ooookay..."  Ignoring their looks I quickly snapped some shots and away I went :)  I got my photos, the kids got to ride the horses again, the folks with the horses will have a story to tell their families about this weirdo with a camera.  It was Win Win!

Eowyn Mitts 017
Eowyn Mitts 020_crop
Eowyn Mitts 009

Little miss also got her face painted.  Partially.  We decided to only paint half of the butterfly as to not get paint by the last few healing spots on her left temple. 
soccer 4-29-12 017

I know I've been mentioning photos of knitted items but they will have to wait.  Soon though, I promise!  I have three LOTR patterns to show you and I'm almost done with a few other items.  It wont be long now.

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