Monday, April 09, 2012

Baseball, Minions, and Critters

Little man's baseball team has begun practicing and I am happy to report that my little man is enjoying himself and working hard at getting better which is more than I can say for some of the other members of the team. There's more goofing off at this level than there was in Tee Ball somehow. Should be an interesting season to say the least!

baseball and easter 025
baseball and easter 023

The Dreams in Fiber household had a rather low-key weekend. The hubby was gone for part of it during his tournament but the minions hunted for eggs and played outside and little man is tearing up the bike paths while little miss is just shy of giving him a run for his money. She just needs a bit of practice starting on her own and I think she'll have it! It was a lot easier learning to ride a bike than it is to watch my minions learn that's for sure!

Little man had some requests for his "Easter handmades". He wanted a toad and a butterfly. My MIL crocheted him a few toads and made little miss a cute little bunny for Easter

baseball and easter 031
baseball and easter 035
baseball and easter 034

and I made each minion a wee butterfly and an owl for good measure.

baseball and easter 044
baseball and easter 049

A minion in the tree!

baseball and easter 064

Then it was off to see my side and play with everyone. I think Dad will be sending me a pic of the kids so Grandma D, stay tuned for that :) It appears to be shaping up into a busy week so I'm not sure when I'll be posting again but it shouldn't take too long and with any luck, I'll have finished a few of my current WiP's. Oh, speaking of projects, I hinted to one of the projects I made for a friend of mine for her Birthday. I'm still working on the second handknit gift that will be shipped once it's finished, but this is the Brandywine Shawl. I dyed up a OOAK skein in the Merino/Nylon Superwash Sock Yarn (technically it was an overdye) and I thought it would be a great fit for this lace project.

flowers and shawl 021
flowers and shawl 012

The colors are truest in the sneaky photo I posted earlier but these give you an idea on the size.

Have a great week!

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