Saturday, August 20, 2011


August is one of those bittersweet months. Cicadas serenade us to sleep at night, Summer Break winds to a close, I turn a year older, the Iowa State Fair happens, veggie harvest is plentiful, and there's a frantic feel to it as people try to cram in everything they haven't done yet because school resumes and colder weather isn't too far off. It's akin to that feeling when you look at the clock and realize it's 4:30 and you have to start dinner but you still have a lot of stuff to do yet...

The minions and I have been trying to spend time outdoors. We had quite the critter-fest the other day, too.

Little man found a tiny little frog shortly after waking up. High Five/Let me squish your eyeball.

end of august 2011 017
end of august 2011 010

Then he found a bigger one.

end of august 2011 022

And one more for good measure.

end of august 2011 032_crop

Little man likes to chat with his new friends and puts them close to his ear to see if they are "chirping" or not. This one succeeded in giving him a wet willy ;) You should have seen him jump. Well, both of them jump...

end of august 2011 031

Can't leave out the inch worm...

end of august 2011 053_crop

Little miss was intrigued by the finds, but couldn't bring herself to actually touch them. She'll come around!

Both minions had fun at the State Fair though. We walked around and checked out the animals and went on a few rides. The fountain is always a must-see. Here's a mosaic of some of the sights that can be found while wondering amid the endless sea of food vendors.

Fairgrounds 2011 mosaic

This is the 100th year of the butter cow. That's right. A butter cow. Google it. In celebration there were oodles of mini bovines all over the fairgrounds. This was our favorite and you can see a few more on my Flickr page. There was a surprising amount of detail on some of them!

fairgrounds 2011 058

fairgrounds 2011 101
fairgrounds 2011 125

There has been knitting going on. Lots of it actually. And somehow I spaced off the back to school socks for the minions so I have less than a week to whip out 2 pairs for their first day back. Wish me luck :) Here are a few of the items I have been working on lately.

end of august 2011 132
end of august 2011 135
end of august 2011 137
ebook projects 003
ebook projects 006
ebook projects 013
ebook projects 017
ebook projects 024

I have several more projects in the works and I am trying to get as much done as I can before the school/work schedule transition occurs so we'll see. This month has been rather stressful but exciting at the same time. More info on that will come soon but until then, keep your fingers crossed for me!

The remainder of August should be interesting... I will be knitting furiously and we will be enjoying the last few days of freedom and hopefully you are too!

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Good job on the pictures. What camera and lens did you use? I really like the result.