Monday, August 08, 2011


I can't believe that Summer is almost over and that school is set to resume in a few weeks. The phrase "Make the most of today" is a constant drum beat in my mind anymore.

The Dreams in Fiber household has been trying to make the most of what is left of Summer by going out and finding new things to do. A few weekends ago we headed down to Indianola for the Balloon Festival. If you ignored the heat wave, lack of a breeze, and unaware attendees, it was a good time :) Both minions had cameras at the ready. This was the picture little miss wanted to share:

klittle miss photos thru 7-30-11 388

And this was the one little man wanted to share:

little man pics indianola balloon festival 2011 083

Here are a few that I took.

Indianola Balloon Festival July 30, 2011 074
Indianola Balloon Festival July 30, 2011 066
Indianola Balloon Festival July 30, 2011 149
Indianola Balloon Festival July 30, 2011 193

It was really fun to see all the colors and given the fact that the wind was minimal, they just hung there so we really got to take a good look at them. Plus, up until then I was unaware of the fact that there are different balloon shapes for racing and such. The eagle balloon was little man's favorite.

Indianola Balloon Festival July 30, 2011 205

It was a bit hard to see at times due to the lovely umbrella that the morons, I mean, lovely people right in front of us, popped up just as they started to fill up the balloons :/

Indianola Balloon Festival July 30, 2011 016

Yesterday the temps had backed off a bit so I took the minions to a playground to snap some pictures. We had the playground to ourselves which was nice.

playground 8-7-11 008
playground 8-7-11 028
playground 8-7-11 038
playground 8-7-11 067
playground 8-7-11 109_crop
playground 8-7-11 104

The trip was cut a bit short though thanks to some minion (little man) shenanigans - I had warned them when we arrived that the slides would be hot and possibly a bit wet since it had rained the night before. After a while little man must have forgotten this warning but fortunately he had decided to go down the slide on his feet so his backside only got a bit wet. As soon as he stood up little miss called down to him "Little man, is there water down there?" Nope was his reply. No water? What?????? She flew down before I could tell her differently so we headed home so we could get cleaned up and put on new clothes.

I've been plugging away on my new patterns and projects which means that the next post will have some fiber-y goodness for you! Until then...

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