Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Proper Way to Catch a Toad - According to Little Man

There are a few things to consider when catching toads and little man wanted to make sure I addressed those on the blog...

First, once you catch your toad (or frog, or grasshopper...), you want to yell for Mom to get her camera but you also want to quickly grab on the sides of your new friend instead of cupping it in your hand so it doesn't pee on you. These two things are best done simultaneously.

Coasters and School Aug 2011 006

Next, you want to get to know your new friend and hear if he has any life wisdom for you or if he's heard any good jokes lately.

Coasters and School Aug 2011 011

Don't forget to take a good look at him so you can recognize him later.

Coasters and School Aug 2011 012

Now that Mom has arrived with her camera (because she's usually not just standing there with it) wave it in front of the lens a few times in the hopes that she can get a clear shot. This can take a while so be patient. Of course one could always speed up the process by just holding still....

Coasters and School Aug 2011 019

Now we need to start thinking about finding a good spot to set your friend in so he can get back to his To Do list.

Coasters and School Aug 2011 020

But, in the event that there is anyone around, like a sister perhaps, you can first try to scare her and if that doesn't work, introduce her to your new friend.

Coasters and School Aug 2011 028

Put that friend down in his new safe spot and repeat the sequence as often as you can :)

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magnusmog said...

I'm loving the toads - we have a compost bin with ( at least ) three of varying sizes and I have a chat with them now and then. Haven't heard any chirping but then again, haven't put one that close to my ear!