Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Commencing Holiday Freakout Mode

My SIL K and her son Z came back for a little visit this past week.

November 2010 k visit tp party 242

On Saturday we all attended a Life Celebration Party for our Friend which is what he wanted.

November 2010 k visit tp party 137

It was a good time - it was nice to see everyone even though I half expected T to walk in at any minute. The minions did a fabulous job that afternoon - little man helped keep Z occupied,

November 2010 k visit tp party 047

Z occupied his Mama,

November 2010 k visit tp party 092

and little miss occupied herself.

November 2010 k visit tp party 183

Afterward we all headed down to the in-laws' lake house to unwind and plant some apple trees with the help of another Family Friend P.

November 2010 k visit tp party 251

It was a big sandbox weekend.

November 2010 k visit tp party 298
November 2010 k visit tp party 310
November 2010 k visit tp party 331

As I look at the calendar I am shocked to see how few days separate now from the Holidays and I am so far behind at this point that it's laughable. Truly - I started laughing hysterically when I organized/wrote up my To Make list. Of course that laughter might have been caused by the delusion that I thought I would get it all done. Each year I tell myself that this will be the year that we can take everything in in stride and relax and enjoy each other's company and somehow the time just keeps slipping on by. This will be a simple Holiday Season - I've got the cards and the pictures picked out and ornaments made (though I still have a few left to make for the Holiday Swap). I am implementing a new Tradition for the minions this year - each has to MAKE something for the other and I'll help when needed. I'm curious to see what they come up with :) Most of the presents are done with the exception of what I still have left to make and lets not get started on what I still have yet to dye and sew for the shop and upcoming events. Sigh. It's a good thing I really enjoy making things - otherwise it would seem like work! Maybe that's my problem - I love making things so much that I just keep adding things to my list :) At any rate, I must see to that list...


Rani said...

You can do it! Slow and steady.

Those darling little knits atop of your darlings' little heads are wonderful.

It sounds like it was a memorable weekend - time spent remembering and telling stories with good friends.

Mason & Karen said...

Thanks for not posting the other pasta salad pic :)