Monday, July 13, 2009

Bring On the Engines!

At last, the Hot Rods have arrived. Enjoy J! I've never had a bad time at Good Guys. How could you though with so much to look at? There were some new cars, some old familiars, some oddities... but overall it was a pretty good time. Little man took a sky ride with Grandpa H and made sure that Grandpa stayed safe while little miss and Grandmama looked on. He was very pleased with himself! After that, we looked at more cars... and more cars... and then had some ice cream.Mmmm.
The Iowa State Fairgrounds houses a rather nifty little fountain and both minions love it. Normally I bring a spare outfit for after they drench themselves but this year I forgot. Good thing the fountain was turned off, huh? You can't see it, but little miss is actually perched on one of the rocks surrounding the fountain. And of course, more cars! If you'd like to see the photos in their full size and/or the rest of them, you can see them here. Next year you're just going to have to make a trip over here so you can see them with your own eyes, J!

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