Monday, July 13, 2009

All About the Minions

I know I said that there would be minions and Good Guys this post but there were just way too many photos for one post! Good Guys is up next.

Little miss enjoyed her birthday - it was a princess weekend and she loved every minute. Our local grocery store has a display of a few birthday cake options in their bakery section and little miss has been eyeing the Princess Cake for months. No other cake would do, not even one made by Mommy (though little man told me he wanted me to make his birthday cake so I'm good there!). I wanted to thank those of you who gave/sent gifts to my little girl, she loved them all and has been playing with/wearing everything. I thought it might be safer to do at least a little thank you on the blog since I still haven't gotten around to Thank You's which is horrible I know. At least I'm consistent ;)

What is the perfect way to celebrate the first day of Summer? Go for a dip of course! The minions couldn't even wait for the pool to fill before they jumped in.
The hubby thought these largish squoosh balls would be great for the pool because they could hold so much water. They're really too heavy to launch against someone but they do make a nice little spiral when you throw them into the air.
The minions even enjoyed the slip-n-slide. Well, little man and he hubby did. Little miss just sort of sat there and didn't quite get the slide part of the thing.

Speaking of little man.... We had a follow up eye appointment this past week and we were very happy to find out that we don't have to go back for another year. This is the longest stretch we've ever had between appointments. There is still a little bit of deviation on the left eye but overall his vision is fine and we are not concerned enough to want to do surgery for that little deviation especially since he may grow out of it so-to-speak so cross your fingers!

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