Tuesday, June 02, 2009

All About the Minions

I seem to have found myself with a slew of minion photos and not that many FO photos so I thought I would make a minion-only post today. I'll have knitting content in the next one, promise!

We've had a mix of rain and sun these past few weeks. The minions are fine with both :)We went down to my in-law's lake house over Memorial Day weekend and little miss had the opportunity to show us her "guns". We have also entered into the twirly skirt phase. She loves them and has to give them a proper twirl whenever she puts one on.

You may not know this about little miss, but she falls asleep on the boat whenever we go out on the lake. Actually, I think I can recall only 1 boat ride where she stayed awake the whole time. She was almost out right before this picture was taken. Of course, it is hard to sleep when the boat driver takes so much delight in spraying the passengers every so often. Perhaps boat lessons are in order?

One of little man's favorite things is power. This is his face right after we left a "no wake zone" and we could go fast and make lots of waves.

"Would you like anything from my shop"?

The other day the hubby told me that he wished he could get my face on camera when I'm at the playground with the minions or watching them ride their bikes down the hill in our driveway. This is because mental pictures keep flashing before my eyes of all of the possible injuries they could acquire at that very moment. I know it's important for the kids to do things on their own and feel the sense of accomplishment... discover new strengths and talents and I delight in their success, but I'm sorry. I'll let them go down the hill by themselves, but it's my Maternal right to cringe when I feel a good cringe is necessary!

Example one:
Little miss was always very good about sitting down first and then going down the slide. Now we go running up to them and hurl ourselves down in whatever fashion we feel like.

Example two: if my big brother can do it so can I. There is no fear in this child. This is where my heart goes into palpitations. I know she can do it, but she gets so overconfident at times... and at 5' (yes, H I am 5' regardless of what you may think) I'm really not tall enough to be of any help on some of these playgrounds when they're how many feet above my head. Needless to say they don't get to sample all of the playground when I'm the only one there...

I'm not usually quite so nervous when little man's running around, though I probably was when he was little miss' size. He loves to climb and do things by himself.

His big thing lately (more like an obsession) is his big boy bike. We ride (or want to) whenever the sun is shining. He had a big milestone yesterday. I already mentioned that our driveway has a little hill to it and the hubby and I always had to lend a helping hand and give a little push so he could make it all the way up to the top. Until yesterday. I went to give the normal shove and I got "Mom, I can do it myself"!. Sure enough, the next attempt he kept using those little muscles and made it to the top. When I didn't have my camera. It was perfect. His eyes were like saucers and his face just lit up! "Did you see that, Mom? I did it! I told you I could do it". Yes you did, good job buddy!

And, whatever big brother does... She's a little big for this bike now but is resistant to using a bike with pedals like little man because "I don't want to get big owie like little man did". (Little man had his first taste of road rash a while back - not too serious - after getting a little cocky while going down our driveway hill, lifting his feet off the pedals and then turning his head around to make sure we were looking. It's all healed up now). I think we'll move her up to a big girl bike soon enough though; she's wearing out the toes of her shoes!

The sweet taste of victory.


Bea said...

So busy! The kids look like they are having a lot of fun.

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Iloved all of this, Erica, and was so happy you shared your family times. I can't believe Little Miss is three! Seems like only yesterday she was a baby...