Sunday, April 26, 2009


Today was a big day for the minions; the hubby took them to get their first ball gloves and bat. During a break from the many thunderstorms that have been rolling through Central Iowa lately, they were able to go outside and start breaking in their new equipment. Little man was really trying hard to impress Daddy. Little miss could not be left out. We have a ways to go technique-wise but the kids had fun and so far, no injuries!

I don't really have much to add in terms of fiber-related things. I'm currently working through some roving from 1000 Petals and am liking how the singles are turning out. I've filled this bobbin since this photo was taken and am moving onto the second. And this is what you get when you have the urge to do some crochet without a definite color plan. I call it, the fugtional hot pad. It's not very pretty, but I'm fine with it as long as it protects my table :)

Here's a little photo of the current storm front moving across our neighborhood. We've gone through the still before the storm and the temperature has dropped about 10 degrees Fahrenheit in the last 5 minutes or so I think I'll wrap this up, tell the hubby to bring the minions in (they seem to have inherited his desire to be outside when the rain/storm hits) and head downstairs. Just in case :)


MamaLizKnits said...

The minions are SO cute! I bet they're old enough enjoy an ICubs game this year, do you think?

I'm itching to go to a minor league game out here... we have an awesome team: Portland Seadogs. I think Tommy is too young still though. Maybe I'll take the bigger boy down sometime.

I've been keeping an eye on all the storms. Saw a tornado touched down in eastern Iowa. The storms are exciting, but it's no fun when they get dangerous! I 'll be hoping for the severe weather to ease up on you guys.

I see redbud trees in your photo! LOVE IT! More more more photos, please!

Take care!

Bea said...

Hope it wasn't too bad! The kids are so cute playing ball.

Jean said...

Just reading about your storms was alarming, we really don't get much in the way of storms in southern california, I've see a few tornados here, but they were small limited to roof damage. Nice photos of both the storm and your children - she is so cute with that ball!