Thursday, April 23, 2009

Forward March

The Weatherman says it's going to be near 80 degrees Fahrenheit today. Perhaps that means Springtime is officially upon us. One can hope. As usual, it's been a little while since my previous post, so lets do some catching up shall we? I've been knitting and crocheting away, though most of it is still under wraps for the time being. I can show you a few photos though :) I finished up the giant granny square blanket I started for Little miss last year and here are a few close-up pictures of the socks mentioned in the last post. These little bitty socks were knit with leftovers of my Sunshine Yarns Soft Sock in the Another Weasley colorway coupled with chocolate heels and toes. And this is the first sock in my Strut colorway. It ended up doing a little pool/spiral thing which is weird since the yarn was kettle dyed but it's fine by me. This pair will probably be gifted once its mate is completed. Not having a regular paycheck is a tad unnerving, so I've been trying to beef up the Dreams in Fiber business. Here's a little sampling of some recent skeins. Little man was a bit irritated that little miss got a new pair of socks and I was informed that he needed another pair. A simple 2x2 rib cuff plain vanilla sock with my normal garter stitch edged slip stitch heel. I know his feet will be larger come next Fall so I made them a bit long. He insisted on a "proper photo shoot". Sock 2 is on the needles. The yarn is Sunshine Yarns Classic Sock in the Edward Colorway which I received through a trade via Ravelry. It's my first time working with this base and I rather enjoy it! I cannot thank S (fabulous woman who graciously gifted me a new-to-me spinning wheel, see previous non-mitten pattern post) enough. Spinning is such a joy and I feel like I could spin and spin and spin.... Housework isn't really all that important is it? I am still starting out but I've noticed improvement in my singles - they're getting thinner and more consistent and I am also working on the Navajo ply technique which is very fun. I am working my way through another 4 oz of roving and am very curious to see how this one plies up. Photos of that one should be coming!

The minions and I, and the hubby, have been enjoying the warmer weather. We went down to my In-law's lake house last weekend to get in a bit of fresh air and some fishing. The hubby caught some fish. My FIL caught some fish. I did not. I think it's being rigged somehow and rest assured, I will be looking into this odd occurrence. Little man has entered into the Dinosaur phase, I don't remember if I have mentioned that or not. Check out the super cool dino galoshes! What can be better than the wind in your face as you gently swing back and forth, higher and higher into the sky? Going higher of course! Such an angelic face really. Who would've guessed that that little minion of mine could be responsible for such a grievous, heinous, outrageous act against my fiber????????? Enter exhibit A. What you see here are the remnants of the skein I am using to create another pattern for my friend J's Oz club starting next month. Little miss was knitting me a sweater - which translates to clicking the needles together - and little man thought the yarn was getting a bit too tangled and decided to help me out by taking a pair of scissors to it. Not happy. It's salvageable though. Just awfully painful to look at!

When Spring comes around the showers aren't far behind!

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