Monday, July 07, 2008

This One's For You J!

GooD I thought I would deviate a bit from the normal knitting/crochet/minion content that my posts usually contain. Instead, I thought I would provide pictures of this year's Good-Guys show that took place over the 4th of July at the Iowa State Fairgrounds. I love going to these shows! Though, with any Hot Rod/Custom show there are the good, the great, and the somewhat questionable. I'll let you be the judge. Many photos were taken, these are just a few. J, if you would like to see all of them let me know and I'd be happy to send you a CD or download the rest to Flickr if you'd prefer. Here you go, enjoy!

While walking around and viewing the incredible number of Hot Rods surrounding a person at any given time, it is easy to see just about any color one could dream up. Of the cars I viewed, I would have to say that red and yellow were the most common this year.
Tow Mater from the movie Cars even made a showing!
A friend of my FIL let little man get the feel for the driver's seat in his Hot Rod. Another enthusiast in the making?

His eye is still a little swollen and red, but it looks pretty darn good don't you think?

For those of you awaiting these particular photos, I wanted to apologize. I meant to have them up sooner than this. I was delayed by some computer difficulties. Next post will contain knitting/crochet (I'm coming along on the granny square blankets!) and minions!


Anonymous said...

nooooooooo, no more knitting, just cars, please just cars. no i enjoyed it very much, i had flashback again......nice thanks erica. he bytheway we are gooing to quilt, even i, so.......o boy quilt and baseball.. take care

say hi to everbody

love Jerry

Karen said...

Little man's eye looks soooo good!! Yay! And the cars do that first one Dad's? I haven't seen the new flames yet.