Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Summer Days

The hubby and I keep most of our CD's downstairs in order to avoid minion fingerprints, scratches and such. I was in the mood to listen to something different the other night and since I didn't have anything in particular in mind, I just grabbed a handful of CD's from various genres. I took them upstairs and thought I was in the clear to actually get to listen to something since Curious George was on the television. Whenever "George" is on, I usually get an uninterrupted half hour to do laundry, knit, do dishes... The CD on the top of my little stack was Louis Armstrong. I put it in the stereo and the song "What a Wonderful World" came on. After a few moments, both minions slowly turn their head in my direction, get out of their chairs, and come over to where I was sitting. This was huge, Louis beat out George. I thought to myself, "Great, I can let the kids listen to some different stuff too". Nope. I went to change CD's and I was greeted with absolute Minion Outrage. Little miss' lower lip was sticking out so far an Albatross could have landed on it and she was shedding actual tears. Little man was screaming "NO NO NO!" and finally clued me in on what was going on. "Mom, this is the Alex song on the animal movie!". That translates to: that particular song plays towards the end of the movie Madagascar. Silly me, how could I possibly change CD's? So we listened to Louis (aka "Alex") again and again and again. Though little miss did finally bop along to Nina Simone after I gave little man "Alex" to listen to in his room. They didn't believe me when I tried to explain that the "Alex song" has been around longer than Madagascar. One of these days perhaps.

It's been a while since my last post huh? I wish I had some fiber-y photos to share with you. I've been spending a sizable chunk of time dyeing and the knitting that I have done has been of the stealthy variety - I am designing/knitting a pair of socks for a birthday swap, I'm designing/knitting 2 pairs of socks for some sock kits that a friend of mine will be releasing sometime in September I think, you can see her blog for more information. And I've started in on my Holiday knitting.
Here is a little sampling of some of my more recently dyed skeins.
And this is a little sneak peak of the then unfinished Holiday project.
I suppose I should catch you up on the family's happenings. I left off on the 4th of July so let's start there shall we?

Every 4th of July my Uncle J and Aunt K host a little family bbq in their backyard, each year having a different theme. This year's theme was a Mexican fiesta. It was nice to catch up with other members of the family that we hadn't seen in a while and the minions got to have some play time with their cousin "J". I don't know how professional photographers do it, I couldn't get all 3 of them to look at me... I'm going to post them anyway. J and K had a pinata for the kids and a little place for photo ops too. Little miss is all about taking care of "the baby". I just thought this one was kind of funny :)

Other than that, the kids and I have been hanging out outside whenever the humidity isn't too nasty and we've been down to the lake a few times since I last posted.

I don't know if you can really see the devilish smile little man is sporting in this photo but rest assured, he knew exactly what to do with the golf ball :)
During our last visit to my in-laws' lake house the minions got in a bit of fishing. "Hi boat!"There were a few knots involved though you can't really see it in this photo.In the end, the only one that caught anything that evening was little miss.

The hubby snapped this little photo of the minions and I after a hard day's playing outside in the heat and humidity... Naturally I am looking my best. I thought I'd throw it on the blog anyway seeing how I very rarely "make the blog" myself ;)
There you have it. Nothing too exciting going on these days, which is fine by me. I have started dreaming of the cooler days ahead... I finally have a little pile of hand knit socks just waiting to be worn! Here's a few other random photos of Summer.

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