Monday, January 07, 2008

This and that, but mostly Minion

Another Holiday Season has come and gone and we are now greeted with a New Year and a little extra sunshine thanks to the recent Solstice. I even managed to get the Christmas Tree/Decorations taken down and put away today. I'll admit, it was questionable there for a while. Both minions are veeeerrrrryyyy fond of the Christmas Tree and I was worried that I would have to keep it up all year and just be really early for the next Holiday Season. Lucky for me they were distracted by playing in little man's room and by the time they noticed what I was doing it was too late. I know, it was rather sneaky, but it had to be done.

New Years tend to come with many New Year's Resolutions. I'm not really one of the types that makes a long list of resolutions and goals. I inherited what I call my Father's Wild Hair Syndrome and it really doesn't matter if I make a resolution or not, I'll get around to doing something when I'm good and ready. Although, I do have a couple of loose goals we'll say. Along with de-cluttering my house, I have had this notion to make little miss a granny square blanket for a while now. I guess that means I'll be getting better acquainted with my Crochet hooks this year :)

Onto the photos 'eh?

The minions were quite the troopers during our latest venture into Chicago. They had all sorts of fun running around the hotel room and really enjoyed the mirrored closet doors.
Little miss has these really adorable curls and then she takes a nap or goes to bed and KA-POW!!!! Instant minion fro. I don't get it.
Both little man and little miss enjoyed themselves while playing with their cousin M and his Thomas the Train set.
Little miss is, and has always been, a Momma's Girl. This usually works out pretty well for me, but for others.... not so much. I thought I would include the above photo because little miss wouldn't even look at Aunt K without screaming last year and this year Aunt K succeeded in getting her to sleep :) Big step!
We learn how to give Wet-Willies early around here!
Little man scored a couple new pals during our excursion and ended up sleeping a good chunk of the way home. Little miss had decided that enough was enough and unfortunately for us, this was a common sight (and sound) for too much of our return drive for my liking.
We took a break from traveling and she calmed down. We headed down to the in-law's lake house for a day trip this past weekend and she was back to normal.
Here's a little bit of minion for you:

My SIL K will probably disown me for mentioning this, but she is quite accomplished at a game we like to call "Look See". Little man appears to be following in her footsteps, although he is not quite as stealthy yet. We'll work on it :)
Mmmm, noodles.
I should mention that this is really not commonplace during mealtimes; little man does quite well with his utensils. There's just something about big noodles I guess.
We like to do somersaults. A lot.

**I should mention that the following photos were all taken by my SIL K (the Look See extraordinaire) during her trip back to Iowa for the Holidays with her new hubby.**
Much to my delight (and my hubby's horror) I received a Mad Bomber hat for Christmas this year. In my haste, I even threw it on without taking off the little plastic tag off the top!

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Karen said...

Now that I know little man is honing his "look see" skills I'll give him a lesson the next time I'm in town! :)