Monday, January 08, 2007

The fog has lifted

Surprise surprise, it's been a while. Let's do a little recap shall we? The weekend after Christmas the minions, the hubby, my FIL and MIL, and I all loaded up into the van and headed to Chicago for a little holiday cheer. It was good. The bonus: the minions did surprisingly well during the drive. I even got a little knitting done. :) Once we got back into town little miss had another round of immunizations/flu shot which then lent itself to a few days of fever and crankiness which didn't go well with the sniffles that both minions and I ended up with. Then there was the funk that I found myself in... the post-holiday/new years resolution/back-to-work/sniffley blahs. I didn't even feel like knitting! During the week, though, I found myself thinking about resolutions in general and how I don't normally go for the new year's resolution because I always break them. It seems as though everyone is Knitting from their stash this year and I thought about it. I think I will unofficially participate as I question my willpower. Then there's the usual "I need to drop x pounds and need to tone up resolution. I had been eye-balling the 100 miles by April 1 which I seriously thought about and then knocked myself down before I began by rationalizing to myself that it is awfully cold in the winter in Iowa and since I don't have a gym membership... let's push that to 100 miles between April 1 and June 1... See what I mean? I was in a total funk. Not anymore though folks! How can you be in a funk when these arrive at your door? The fabulousness of these two gems is beyond words. I don't know that there is a bad pattern in there (there may, I haven't had any large chunk of time to go through them leisurely) but I love those humongous shawls that I could just wrap around myself and look fabulous when I go to... that's the problem, I don't go anywhere. Then again, I could be the best dressed mom at the mailbox. I might have to think about that. That may change though, you see I received a little phone call yesterday letting me know that I will actually need to wear a dress for a little soiree later this year. If that didn't give me the swift kick that I desperately needed... Lace knitting? Body image improvement? The funk is gone! I have now switched back to "let's get some things crossed off the list" mode and even started exercising again today. Carrying a queen-sized mattress from its downstairs location to its new home upstairs might not be your definition of fitness but it got my heart going :) Sounds like the little ones are up though so I will leave you with a small question. Do you know where your kidneys are? Thanks to Grandpa H so does little man: :)


anne said...

howdy erica! i'm glad you're back—i'm with you on the exercise thing—it's hard to keep it going on dreary cold days . . .
now, get yourseld over to my blog and enter the drawing!! that will perk you up!

aija said...

Those books are so on my wish list, too! I totally feel you on not having anywhere to wear lace though... I just got out of my pjs ;)

Have a great weekend :)