Monday, December 11, 2006

One of those days

I thought I would post this picture as it sort of sums up the day.
I thought it would be a good idea to experience a little holiday joy and since Mom had the day off why not go visit Santa? Called Grandpa H so he could see the minions, little man rode the train and thought it was pretty swell, got a few new pattern ideas/inspirations via window shopping while we waited for Santa's lunch break to end... Not a bad start (especially when I got a little knitting done while in the doctor's waiting room this morning). You can see how the rest of the experience went :)

To top off the day, mom and I load up the kids - mom takes the bags out of the stroller while I am buckling little man into his carseat, I then go and fold up the double stroller and throw it in the back of the Pathfinder. Go to reverse. What did I just run over? That would be the camera. That's right folks. Pathfinder vs. Camera. Guess who won. Somehow the camera got overlooked during the unloading/loading by both Mom and myself and it is now no more. Went to the camera shop, picked up a new one (haven't decided it we will keep it or not so I can't fiddle with it yet) which I will refer to as "the wheel" since it will be taking the place of the spinning wheel that I was going to get next year... On the plus side, at least I ran over it otherwise I would be out the pictures that were still on the card -- the card that still works, sort of. Sigh.

AND.... I cut my tongue on a dam* Tootsie Pop. I hate that. Although, did you notice what little miss was wearing?


aija said...

The photo is going to be doubly precious for that sweater she has on!! :) Sorry to hear about the camera :(

Peg said...

Hi Erica! It seems I am the lucky winner of your Red Letter Day gift. I needed this just now, as we have had our third storm of wind, snow and rain this week and I am decidedly tired of it all, but I should not complain, as at least I have power!
You can mail my package to
Peg Challender
549 Bambrick Place
Comox, BC
V9M 1Z5

I will watch the mailman closely!
The lovely picture of your two little ones reminded me of one of our son and daughter. Enjoy them, as mine are now 45 and 42! Time will fly, even on those days when you think you will never have enough knitting time!