Thursday, November 02, 2006

Just another day

Nothing too exciting happening in my neck of the woods. I managed to finish the knitting portion of the Christmas blocks for little miss and I have decided to wait on stuffing and sewing them up because I am going to try and find some little rattles of some sort to throw in the middle, you know... to make them that more exciting! I also added a couple of inches to the Samhain shawl last night while the hubby put little man to bed. Told you, I got nothing. I wont bore you with the housework and laundry happenings, or the morons on the road... I told the hubby that "I NEED TO GET SOME KNITTING DONE" this weekend and he said "okay" so we'll see how that goes. Maybe some progress shots of the green socks and the shawl will be forthcoming. Have a good one!

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filambulle said...

Hi Erica!
Thanks for visiting my blog.
For the rattle, you can go simple, as they will be hidden and safe. If you have a small plastic box, simply put some tiny rocks (or rice?) and seale the box with lots of tape.
Some plastic tote are quite noisy too...
Have fun!