Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Of Nisse and Minion

It occurred to me after I published that last post that perhaps one of you would like to know a little bit more about Nisse. Here you go. On to the minion show:
Yeah, I don't know
Pretty much a typical pose.
We were very excited!
Smooches all around!
Little man has been practicing his grandpa H's trademark photo moves.

Rest assured that these pics will not make the final cut for the holiday shots. I am hoping to have little miss in her hoodie for those! Have a fabulous day :)


Em said...

Thanks for the Magic Loop encouragement! I spent time with the class instructor (also my good friend) today and we have worked through a big part of my kinks, so to speak. I'll be posting on my progress!
Whatever you're doing with socks keep at it 'cause it's working. I still can't get over those Candy Corn socks. The cutest ever!
Great pics too! What adorable children!

aij said...

Little man kissing baby girl's head? PRICELESS! :)

Jo said...

Little man obviously knows his audience and should be sold to the movies right away! Littlest one looks decidedly unimpressed, though. Possibly she would prefer a rock star to pay her such attentions? I would so love to see her yield and smile. I bet her whole face lights up!
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Deb aka Fearless Fibers said...

Such cuties! But oh my, that second photo is hilarious! You'll have to save that for when Little Miss is 12 or 13 and has one of those inevitable, all consuming crushes on some little heart-throb from school and then you can threaten to show it to the object of her affections and she will do whatever you ask to stop you! She will be your little slave for a day at least :)

Martina said...

What cuties! I love the 2nd pic!! Ah, I remember when mine were that young.....sigh...