Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Odds and Ends

Little miss' hoodi is still on the needles where I left it. I will end up frogging and starting over but I haven't brought myself to do it just yet. I'll just have to make her a hoodi later as this will indeed be a cardi. Instead, last night I decided to knit up a SWATCH (I learned my lesson. again.) for the scarf I'm making for the hubby's grandmother. As I mentioned earlier, I kept going back and forth between a lacey scarf and a cabled scarf. I decided to start with the cable and made it a few inches (not much of a swatch, baby steps...) and decided that I wasn't digging the pattern with this particular yarn. This does not upset me overly much as I am intending to make myself an Irish Hiking Scarf later anyway with a thicker yarn -- this way I won't be repeating a pattern. Hopefully tonight I will try out the lacey pattern that I have picked out. If that one doesn't turn out I guess I am back to square one. Lucky for me I have no shortage of patterns! Sorry, no pics, I ripped that one out almost as soon as I started working on it! Go figure.

In other news, I passed the torch to little man this morning. Growing up, one of my favorite cereals was Lucky Charms. As I am sure you can imagine, mostly the marshmallows were eaten. I happened to see it at the store the other day and thought I would take a walk down memory lane. This morning I poured myself a cup of it (dry of course) and brought it with me where I proceeded to check my e-mail. In wanders little man. We were curious. Stuck in a hand, pulled out some oats... evidently the oats were okay because he went in for more. This time he found a marshmallow. Hey, what's this? Pops it in his mouth and gives me this look that said "what are these fantastic things and why have you been keeping them from me?" There went my breakfast. He hops in my lap and begins to pull out the marshmallows. I cut him off after 4 or 5. So I guess I have come full circle, I started off by eating only the marshmallows and now all I get are the oats. What can you do. Speaking of... any words of wisdom on how to remove crayola crayon from the wall?
This photo of the guilty party was actually taken a few days ago but I have not been able to get it off the wall completely. Any advice?

This morning was also Story Time at the library. Instead of doing a reading session we went and toured the Fire Department which is right next door. We fell a little behind this morning so we were rushing around, got everyone in the car, went to the library and returned the book we checked out last week... over we go to the Fire Dept. It's rather chilly and windy today so instead of taking the short and more direct route through the parking lot we wind through back hallways.... with a ton of little people and their moms... carrying little man (wouldn't walk by himself) the diaper bag, and little miss in her carseat thing (which isn't light). By the time we get to the actual trucks/ambulances I am sweating and tired. Then one of the fireman starts to get dressed up in their gear to show all of the little kids that they are not really that scary. So much for that idea. Little man tenses up as he gets dressed and lost it once he put on the mask and started to breathe via his oxygen tank. He buries his head in my shoulder, clutches his doggie, and continues to whimper until the guy is undressed again. Wouldn't get down to check out the fire trucks... made a very quiet siren sound when I asked him what sound the fire truck makes... never did let me put him down... Little miss, on the other hand, loved it. She was all excited, looking around.... I end up leaving early and get them back in the car and little man proceeds to smile and make siren sounds the entire way home. Go figure.

I don't think I ever really appreciated the presentation (and artificial coloring) of food so much as I do today. As I mentioned earlier, the soy milk is rather yellow (which bugs me) but I made a new discovery today. I had picked up some soy yogurt for little man so we could try it out. Evidently when you are speaking soy, strawberry yogurt is really code for brownish tinted yogurt which tastes horrible (in my opinion). He didn't really seem to mind but I was having a hard time giving it to him. Then I came face to face with my denial. I was thinking about "when he's not allergic to milk and eggs anymore" like he's just magically going to outgrow it. I had to kick myself and remember that he may not -- not everyone does. See, it even happens to those of us in the medical field.

Since both minions are currently asleep (sshhhh! I don't want to jinx it) I think I will make the most of this opportunity. With any luck I will have a little section of a scarf to show you later this evening!


Cheryl said...

Have you tried using a Mr Clean eraser on that wall crayon? I'm amazed how well it works on crayon!

aija said...

Oy. Crayola y I have a love hhate relationship that started *just* after my son painted/scrawled on my red couch with GREEN crayon.

The oddest secret? WD-40. I googled around and found the crayola website, and they actually have an entire page dedicated to crayon removal-- wd-40 for fabric. It looked like it should ahve oil-stained the fabric when putting it on, but it came out in the wash (had nothing to lose, the fabric cover of the couch was literally already ruined). I don't know if it works on painted walls, and you may want to check the crayola site for more info/advice, but wd-40 was my hero for like a week.

Then I became my own hero in tossing ALL the crayons (lots) and replacing them with washable crayons. I've already ahd to clean a painting canvas, wall and couch (all done at the same time; you'd think I don't watch my son for all the destruction he causes!!)... the washables really do wash out with water.

Good luck :)