Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My nemesis (i.e. gauge)

Instead of knitting socks last night I felt compelled to begin work on little miss' hoodi. I chose Daisy after seeing it done on Aija's blog. Impressive start huh? Ha ha.
I got the yarn ready to go, the needles are eager... Now here's where I screw up. I hate swatching. I know there are those of you out there that love to swatch. I thought about swatching, I really did. But then I thought to myself, will my gauge really be that far off? Yup. The pattern calls for 5sts/inch, I'm 5.5 and that drops about 2 inches off the total width. Now, little miss is not really a little miss. I need those two inches or this hoodi isn't going to be anywhere close to closing in the front. Here's the dilemma.... I REALLY like he looks of the hoodi but my yarn supply is limited and I started out having just enough to do it. I think. Realistically I should rip it out and add some sts to it to widen it out because I am not a loose knitter by any means and I don't think I can get a gauge of 5 even if I switch to larger needles (the yarn is more of a DK/worsted than a worsted and if I get any looser it will look like lace) but that would mean forgoing the hoodi and making it a cardi. Did you notice in the pooling in the photo? Here's another poor shot of it for you.
Now ordinarily I don't really mind pooling in socks. I don't think I am liking it in this. Throw on a few more sts, perhaps even out the pooling.... I hate ripping though, even if it is a measly inch. Oh well. Any thoughts?

Sorry, no pics of the minions today, little man wasn't feeling too well this afternoon and how many times can you post a picture of a sleeping infant? Although I went to the store today to find some Soy products for little man. I suppose this whole allergy thing will make me eat a little healthier but man is it expensive! How do you get past the yellow coloring of the milk? I'm having a little problem with that.


Cheryl said...

Hmm, I say rip it. If it's going to be too small, you'll hate it. And you could cast on a few stitches and make it with no hood, that would still be cute! How much yarn do you have, anyway?

Laural said...

I love the color of your yarn!

I'm sorry about your sons allergies but I'm glad that you were able to catch them! You get used to the change but it can be difficult at first. You just get used to checking everything. Like one brand of animal cookies has a peanut warning because of some other product that they make and one doesn't. Lactaid is ok but it tastes like cereal milk. Probably the best way to tolerate the yellow is to throw some chocolate or strawberry syrup in it.