Tuesday, October 31, 2006

October 31st already?

I thought I would start this post with a question. Have you seen this man? If you have, don't be scared as he is harmless and I trust him to watch the minions while I work, but don't be fooled either! He's tricksy this one. Evidently this costume now qualifies as a peanut M&M rather than the plain variety due to the weight involved (according to Grandpa H anyway). I must say that Halloween was rather low-key this year. Little man was having no part of a costume and consequently went as himself
and little miss simply wore her new socks Evidently she wasn't too thrilled with the candy selection.

I was hoping to have finished the Samhain shawl by today but I am afraid that hasn't happened. At least this way the celebration will go on a little longer and it will be ready for next year! The end of October brings with it the end of Socktoberfest. One month really is not enough time to pay homage to the sock. Perhaps we should bring forth Sockvemberfest? It's a thought... Alas, tomorrow is November 1 which means I have only 54 more days to complete the holiday projects. I better get cracking! Especially since I have decided to make a pair of Hermione mittens for myself (although they wont be red) and my brother asked me to make a couple pairs of fingerless gloves for a hunting buddy of his.

In a recent comment Jo mentioned little miss' smile. Here you go!

I must admit I was rather surprised she was so happy in the above picture as she received another round of immunizations today. However, a short while later she decided to unleash the fury and there was no doubt in my mind what that smile was really all about. Speaking of... (sorry) I will try to obtain a photo of a rather unique Halloween costume that my in-laws created a while back. The hubby is supposedly going to throw it on and go show one of my neighbors tonight. Wish me luck!

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