Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A little bit of minion

Poor little miss and her cankles. I was taking measurements for Cat Bordhi's Research (and for my own personal usage) and look what I saw when I took off her (dare I say it) non-handknit socks. These were a pair of the bigger ones too. I think it is obvious what must happen now don't you? Custom made-to-fit handknit socks for little miss which will hopefully address her, um... shapeliness? coming right up! I'll just tack that onto my list of things to do. I must hurry though, both are finally asleep and I have yarn to wind -- one of these days I really need to get around to getting myself a swift and ball winder as it is rather cumbersome to tie up all 4 of my limbs as I wind by hand-- but I wanted to post a pic of little man in his finery since I was unable to do so yesterday.

Looking so nice!


imohany said...
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aija said...

My goodness, i love her feet! :) (Nothing's cuter to me than kid feet!)