Friday, October 20, 2006


So Anne finishes her man lace and starts another before her trip to Rhinebeck, Aija continues to work on her grandmother's project and makes a fun Noro caplet... What do I accomplish? One lonely mini sock.

But it is festive no? Little miss is sleeping right now hence the lack of little feet for the little sock photo shoot but I will definitely have her model when I finish the second one. I admit that I was rather laid back with this sock construction -- I just cast on and went from there not really minding how long it was... did a simple heel flap and kept going... Now, anyone who has met me can attest that, while I am a relatively laid back person, I do have a few control issues and when I am making something for someone I am meticulous about writing down the exact gauge (I just don't swatch beforehand :) ), the exact number of rows to complete before moving on to the next portion..... I didn't with this one and was rather proud of myself until I had a little mini-attack when I was halfway through the toe. Needless to say I went back and calculated the exact number of rows and what-have-you so I can make the second sock an exact match to this one. What can you do?

I am also proud to share with you that we may have another knitter among us soon. One of the Early Childhood Development teachers was over yesterday and found out that I knit. "Really, you knit? I've always wanted to learn how to do that, could you show me?" She is off to obtain a few supplies and then we can get started. I am rather nervous though as I am, for the most part, a solitary knitter and aside from the internet I don't usually chat about knitting with another individual (face to face that is) so I have been teaching myself as I go along so who knows how accurate my techniques are, they just seem to work for me. I gave her that disclaimer but she still seems interested in learning so hopefully it will go well.

As for the spinning, I have decided to heed the messages of the fiber gods. For now. I mean honestly -- I decided to try for my Joy one more time and happened to come across a used one on Ebay. Put in my bid, albeit a rather low one, but I was the top bidder until last night when the seller evidently changed their mind and not put it up for auction with a day and however many hours left to go. I give up. When the day comes that I wake up in the morning and am greeted by a shiny new spinning wheel on my front porch, I will give it a go. Until then, (or until I decide that an appropriate amount of time has gone by) I will continue to knit and dream of spinning.


aija said...

Ah, knitting's fun-- not a race! I love your sock :) I need to start on some more for my son, he loves his little socks, and actually has an easier time getting them on himself than storebought socks (the heel turn makes it easy for him to get his foot in "right".) Have a great weekend! :)

Em said...

Thank yoooouuu for the sock yarn info- I can't get over how cute those are!
Lots of sympathy on the gauge/swatch issue. I did my second ever swatch yesterday in a class for magic loop socks (two at once!) and sadly the swatch was the most that I accomplished. Sigh. Back to DPNs for me.
Thanks for the comment!