Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Is it over yet?

Today was one of those days that seemed to last forever! I took the vehicle in to get some exhaust/muffler work done and happened to get some knitting done while I waited - which wasn't so bad... The bonus about being 5 feet tall is that your socks don't take that long to knit -- the second bonus of the day is that the recipient of said purple sock has a shoe size that is only a half to one size larger than mine :) Then I got the call that "little man's mouth is turning bright red!" What'd you feed him? Peanut butter. So I make the guys at the service station drive me home while they finished fixing the vehicle and called the pediatrician office regarding another matter and asked what their recommended dosage of Benadryl was.... the call ended with a doctor's appointment an hour from when I hung up the phone and no car. Luckily the service station had excellent customer service and had finished working on the exhaust pipe and drove the car to me so I could load my minions and off we went. Needless to say, aside from a cat nap from little miss, neither had slept yet :) Drew some labs, sent them off, we'll know in about a week... I'm hoping that it is not an actual peanut allergy and is just due to his very sensitive skin... No peanut products the rest of his life would suck. No PBJ's, no Peanut M&M's, have to carry around an Epi pen... Got them home, they both slept for a while, I enjoyed a beer and threw in a load of laundry. (Relax, it's after 4 by this point - I can have a beverage) Fun stuff.

Speaking of little man.... And do you think that little miss has her daddy wrapped around her little finger?

I think she knows it too! Look at that smile

Time for a bigger shirt? I am planning on finishing the purple sock here shortly and will commence work on little miss' cardigan. I liked the pictures of the cardigan over at Sock Pron so I thought I would try that pattern. I am hoping that I will have enough yarn for the hood, but if not I am okay with just the cardigan. I'll keep you posted!

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aija said...

Her tummy is SO cute!! :)