Monday, October 02, 2006

Ice is nice

2 Strabismus surgeries and they still cross. Beyond irritated. At least with the first surgery there was obvious improvement; it's as though nothing really changed after the second one. Of course it might help if I was able to keep an eye patch on him for longer than 20 minutes. Although he did leave one on for an hour and a half one afternoon. Small steps. The Childhood Development lady came this morning and played with him for about 40 minutes or so. Little man was quick to pick up some hand gestures for "my turn" and "more". Little miss was rather happy today. Her smiles just kept getting bigger and bigger.
Still working on the birthday projects. After dinner I was sidetracked by Little man's new favorite toy: ice cubes.

Here, want some?

I am hoping to be able to post some actual knitting photos tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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