Sunday, October 01, 2006

Amateur Hour

Whatever happened to those nice relaxing weekends where you could just lay around and not have to worry about getting the laundry done or doing the dishes... where all you had to do was keep the popcorn bowl filled and the movies on the television? To save on daycare costs I usually work Friday evenings and sometime during Saturday and/or Sunday. The only way this works for me is that my in-laws are gracious enough to watch the minions on Friday afternoons so I can leave for work before my hubby gets home. It's kind of a nice set-up really, that way there is some bonding time between child and grandparent. On Saturday after work the hubby and I had a wedding to go to. It was nice, different, but nice. We are friends with the groom and we knew how much the wedding day meant to him so we overlooked the rather odd message from the pastor that focused quite a bit on the ... more personal aspects of marriage we'll say, and threw in a little diddy about firing squads... The groom got teary during the vows, the bride was beautiful... very touching. Sunday we took the minions down to the in-laws' lake house so little man could run around and wear Grandpa out. I was able to do a little work on the purple sock and got about 3/4 of the birthday project completed. I also got a little happy with the camera so you can now enjoy amateur hour: I was going for texture today

and obviously playing with the black and white button

I would also like to call attention to Grandpa's discovery. Little miss is now about 3 mo old and only today did he realize that she has these random long hairs on the top of her head. I tried to capture this phenomena this afternoon, we'll see if they show up on the blog.

Here is a little bit of Little man:

We never go anywhere without the doggies these days. We also like to carry the blue lovey, but it was a little warm today for that :)

Hopefully knitting on the birthday projects will wrap up in the next day or so. We'll see. The Early Childhood Education lady is coming over tomorrow morning. Hopefully some good will come of their visits; if not I can simply have them stop coming. Never hurts to try.

I would also like to say THANK YOU to those of you who have commented on the blog thus far, it is nice to know I have some readers :)

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aija said...

What great photos... they come thru on bloglines huge so I can really see the detail (and little miss' hair! too cute).