Friday, October 06, 2006

A day of preparation

My morning started off so well. The kids were good, I got some laundry done, little man ate a good lunch... Then it happened... missed opportunity. Wouldn't you know it - I manage to get both kids to sleep at the same time right before I had to go to work. All I could think of as I got in my car was that "I could be knitting". Of course once on the road, my road rage escalated to the point where I desperately wished I could fire laser beams out of my eyes only then to be forced to begrudgingly thank the ____ in front of me who wouldn't exceed the limit (at all) as I slowly drive by a cop car at the bottom of a hill. I hate that. What made the whole thing worse though, was that after weeks of looking for "the right pattern" I finally found it! The pattern that I will use for my Hedwig scarf/fingerless gloves. Now compound the earlier frustration with the realization that the floor that I was to work on never wrote me down on the schedule so I was sent home due to their matrix. Yup. I went in to work for nothing. Wasted knitting time! I was able to find some alpaca that I will use for the hubby's grandmother's scarf recently so I spent part of my afternoon searching for patterns while little man was entertained by grandpa. With little miss' help I thiiink I have the right pattern... Most likely -- I have it narrowed down to 2 or 3 anyway. More on that later. You will also be pleased to know that I actually managed to knit 2 whole rows before putting little man to bed tonight. Yes you read it right, 2 rows. What progress!!!!!!! Speaking of little man - there are times where I have to wonder if I was really half responsible for his creation. This must be the hubby's side shining through :)

Just kidding! It's probably more my side. Here's a shot of little miss. I promise to post some actual fiber shots tomorrow! Now I get to try to put her down for the evening so I can do a few more rows on the sock!

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aija said...

Goodness knows I feel naked if I miss out on "stolen" knitting time... I know how hard it is to juggle naps, but not naps of 2 :) Hats off to you and your sock! :)