Thursday, October 05, 2006

Autumn Days

During storytime yesterday at the library little man helped me make this ghost wind sock. He doesn't have a name but I refer to him as my Socktoberfest buddy. He has done as much knitting as I have today. That is alright though, it is not unusual for me to be unable to knit during the day and try to knit as much as I can before I pass out at night. On the agenda for tonight: make dinner, put the kids to bed, work on some socks!

Little man had his hearing test today. He passed with flying colors. Notice his special sticker - he was very pleased with his new accessory. After his test was completed, Grandma and I took little man and little miss to the apple orchard. Even little miss got into the festivities!

Here's a few other autumny shots for your viewing pleasure.

This here, ladies and gentlemen, calls for apple crisp and an apple crumble pie this weekend! (I only took home one bag!)I am compiling a master list of things that I will be knitting in the near future. Right now the sheer size of it all is staggering. Realistically I will not be able to finish everything especially since I have a few special items included in the mix. Quality over quantity. They will get done when they get done. Hopefully sooner than later, and, I can push one back until January and another until February, so that helps a little!

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