Friday, September 29, 2006

The joys of the mundane

Once again, not a whole lot is going on in my little world. I finally picked out a cardigan pattern that will work the the yarn that I had put aside for little miss, I think I have finally figured out what pattern that I am going to put on the top portion of my fingerless gloves, and started in on another mini project for an upcoming birthday. I haven't been able to get any fun pictures of the minions because little man hid the camera. again. so I decided to throw in a picture that I took a few weeks ago. I was reminded of how nice it is to sit in silence today. For some reason we lost power for about an hour or so this afternoon. I'm guessing some overzealous squirrel got a little too excited about his nut-binge and had a little run-in with a transformer. Who knows. At the time both kids were asleep, the windows were open, there was no buzzing of the refrigerator, no sounds emanating from the television. Just nice, quiet, solitude. For years I thought my parents were crazy for sitting in silence. Now they get to sit back and laugh at me as I stumble about figuring out for myself the things that they already know. Part of the sweet revenge of being a grandparent I suppose.

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aija said...

The picture's beautiful. I spent the last week in (relative) silence, no computers at least... it was jarring at first, but then I just felt so much more relaxed without their hum in the background.