Thursday, September 28, 2006

10 Knitterly Things and some other stuff

As I was reading Grumperina's blog I came across her her entry entitled: 10 Knitterly Things you didn't know about me, a meme. I thought that sounded interesting and then started to wonder if I could come up with 10 things that people wouldn't know, especially since I am rather new to knitting. I thought I would give it a go and see what I could come up with. Here we go!
1. The first time I felt the desire to create something out of yarn was when I was in elementary school and had come across an entire aisle filled to the brim with yarn. I don't remember what store I was in anymore but I remember thinking to myself "ooh, what can I do with this?" . Aside from making numerous yarn dolls through the years and a failed attempt at crochet when I was 9 or 10 I didn't really have much to do with fiber. Until recently that is.
2. I was actually unaware of the knitting boom that was beginning when I decided to start knitting. I got a wild hair one day and thought to myself "enough is enough! Today is the day I learn how to knit." I had wanted to learn how for quite a while by this point so I ordered myself a few books and when they arrived, I went out to get some supplies.
3. I read through those books front to back and back to front, reading and re-reading patterns, looking at the types of yarn they used.... When I went to the store to get some needles and yarn I didn't really have a good grasp on things yet and ended up buying some tiny dpn's and some cheap acrylic yarn to start practicing with. My hubby was actually there with me when I first attempted to cast on. That was an ugly site! I was holding the yarn so tight that I bent the needle on the first or second row!
4. After that early debacle, I found out that my mom's next door neighbor likes to knit - I lived next to her for how many years and never knew that! She looked at my 'progress and smiled, loaned me a few US 9 needles and taught me how to knit properly holding the yarn in my right hand. Thank heavens for her! I was so excited that I kind of knew what I was doing that I went back over to Mom's and showed her and Grandma (who had come by while I was next door). Evidently Grandma used to knit "years ago" but doesn't knit anymore. So I asked her why she had told me that she didn't know how to knit when I had originally asked her and she simply said "nevermind" and proceeded to school me on the "purl" and told me that I was knitting the wrong way and made me learn how to knit Continental style. I am not sure I could knit any other way now, holding the yarn on the right just seems so awkward now.... we'll see. Since that day, Grandma hasn't knit a stitch.
5. The rest of my acquired knitting skills has been through trial and error, through books, and through my knitting community that I stumbled across by accident one day when I went online to see if I could find any knitting patterns on the internet. Ha ha ha. I felt like I hit the jackpot. There were actually other people in the world that shared the same interests that I did. Up until then, the only person that I knew who knit was Mom's next door neighbor who I didn't see very often anymore. (Grandma is holding fast to her statement that 'she doesn't knit). Not to mention the patterns - I had no idea you could knit some of that stuff, or would have the desire... to each their own. I would like to thank all of you internet knitters/bloggers out there for helping me as I go about my knitting odyssey.
6. I was afraid of knitting socks. I looked at the patterns and had no idea what a gusset was or how to turn a heel.... I knew that socks were something that I had to do. I went online and managed to find a video of a woman turning the heel... and muddled through. I give you the first 2 socks that I knit:
The mini one was first, the second I knit for myself so I could try to work out any kinks before I started to make socks for other people. Neither sock has a mate and I don't know if I will make one for the red one or not. Maybe one of these days.
7. I am unable to knit socks on dpn's. 2 circulars are the way for me! I can knit with dpn's when I'm closing up a hat or something like that where the main body has been established... but I can't seem to begin on dpn's and not have the dreaded ladder occur - I have tried. I give up on that one. Before I started socks I made a pair of legwarmers for one of my little cousins and made some preemie hats - I ended up finding these little mini-circulars so I wouldn't have to use dpn's.

8. The best chunk of time I have where I can actually sit and knit straight is when the hubby and I take the minions down to my in-laws' lake house which is about an hour and a half away from here. When the unimaginable happens and both kids are actually sleeping at the same time I have to split that time between knitting and other chores.
9. Before I began knitting I had the desire to knit and spin. I thought about learning both at the same time and figured that I would be happier with myself if I learned to do one before the other so I could concentrate and become more comfortable with my skills. I chose to learn to knit first because it would enable me to learn a little more about about various fibers before spinning and I also thought that I would rather know what to do with the yarn that I created instead of spinning more and more yarn and then going "now what?".
10. Have I made it to 10 already? hmmm. What else don't you already know about me and knitting? Not only am I nuts about fiber, I am a pattern junkie. I sit and go over patterns like my dad goes over his Cabela's magazines. I am pretty sure it drives the hubby nuts but what can you do? There are just too many beautiful things out there that I want to make. You can also be sure that if Anne posts the pattern of her latest Spade Shawl, it will be mine :) If you haven't seen it yet, go to her site and check it out!
Well, that is 10 things. I didn't do any knitting last night seeing how it was my wedding anniversary. We all get one night off every once in a while. I will leave you with little miss. I was so irritated last night - she had her head way up and a huge smile and this is what I got instead. Drat those delays!

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Deb aka Fearless Fibers said...

I really enjoyed reading your 10 Knitterly Things. I may have to take your lead, taken from Grumperina, and give that a whirl myself.

And, of course, the latest Little Miss pics are absolutely darling!