Saturday, September 23, 2006

As long as she has to wear one too.....

I tried to sweettalk little man with pancakes this morning (hence the leftover syrup on his stomach) and then went in for the kill. He wore it for a whopping 10 minutes. Then again, it's better than the last time I attempted to put one on him. Maybe he will be more agreeable this afternoon. I felt so bad though... he hated it so much that his tears wore down the adhesive on the bottom of the patch so it wouldn't stick to him anymore. Incidentally, the patch on little miss isn't stuck on, he just layed it over her eye so she could wear one too.

Moving on... Look what I had when I came home from work last night:
My Father-in-law constructed this Plexiglas wall to prevent the minions from toppling over the mini-wall there. He and the hubby had installed it right before my shift ended at the hospital. If only my house was as level as the new addition! However perfection is often boring and I believe that my house prefers to see itself as a challenge when it comes to things like construction :)

Didn't get a lot of knitting done yesterday, just a few rounds on the earflap hat. The Christmas deadline looms in front of me as I have less than 93 days with which to complete my projects. Tick tock tick tock... Hopefully I will be able to get some knitting done this evening so I can post some pictures tomorrow.

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Deb aka Fearless Fibers said...

Oooohhh, poor little guy. But so cute with his sad little face and holding that eyepatch!